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Show Me The Money!

A Pile Of CoinsMy day job, aside from being a loving father and adoring husband is a very technology centric occupation.  I work at a desk and it is somewhat difficult to find jobs in my field outside of urban areas.  This does not fit well with our desired lifestyle nor do I find the suburbs a particularly inviting place to be if anything were to happen to the standard way of life in this country.  My wife and I have a plan in place to move out to some land which we have already acquired and are currently using recreationally.

The big problem that this presents is probably obvious.  Money.  How does someone like me go from what I do today to a rural setting where my current occupation is nowhere near as desirable or sought after?  Yes, if we live a reasonably self sufficient life style that will reduce overhead costs but you can never completely eliminate it.  You have to have some sort of income to be able to live.

I certainly have a few ideas for my situation but you will have to look at your own individual situation and come up with a plan on your own.  The core of this process is to take a hard look at your skill sets and see how you can apply them in a creative way.  For me, by example, I have people and project management skills.  Despite those skills being primarily focused on technology today, I can take them into new areas if I needed to.  This allows me to be more flexible when I am looking for gainful employment in an area that lacks demand for my primary occupation.  Most of you will have similar skills that are broadly applicable.

Personally, I am finding that part of being self sufficient is not being tied down to a certain job.  I work for a corporation that I do not own.  I am employed at the whims of that corporation, despite the fantastic work I perform for them day in and day out.  I believe strongly that in order to be truly self sufficient and prepared for anything I must take ownership of my income and not be tied down to a specific job and more importantly not be tied down to a specific location.

I have a number of ideas around that topic that I’ll be sharing with you over the coming days.  These are personal goals and personal plans that I will be sharing so they are highly applicable to my personal situation.  They may not work for you!  But I hope that by opening up and sharing my plans with you, faithful readers, that you will be inspired and can maybe leverage some of what I’ve done for yourselves and your own preparation efforts.

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One Response to Show Me The Money!

  1. It seems as u start making the transition to working for your self in some way or another, that a big part of success is to have a minimal “burn rate” or what it will cost you to really live. That means having no or minimal debt.