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The GMO Crazy Train Rides On

So I read a disturbing article today.  It’s linked in today’s news post.

It’s not enough to modify the food we eat genetically.  Nope.

It’s not enough to infuse corn with insecticides through genetic manipulation.  Boy, I bet that’s healthy.

And remember when they started cloning sheep?  They’d NEVER use that technology on animals we eat.

Oh no.  Now they’ve come out with a genetically modified cow.  They’ve tweaked and tugged until they modified this cow ‘strain’ to not be as allergic for kids who are allergic to cows milk.

Yes, you guessed right!  We’ve let loose the genetic modification monster, and it won’t be caged back up again.

Nowadays it’s virtually impossible to find commercially grown corn that’s GMO free.  You have to look darn hard.

Anyone want to place wagers on how long until this ‘perfectly benign’ (yet completely untested) modification starts showing up in beef herds all over?

They’ll find some other benefit.  Something else to spread the modification, or similar modifications, to the beef we eat, not just the milk we drink.

And look what’s happened with GMO patents.  Farmers are getting sued for saving seeds, or because some GMO crop a mile away cross pollinated with theirs, thus infringing on a Monsanto patent.

At least when cows breed, we have a pretty good idea when that’s going on.  But still … The parallels to GMO crops are clear.

These people won’t stop until their fingers are in every single part of our food supply.

Be ready for it, folks.  Find good suppliers now for things you can’t or choose not to produce on your own.  I’ve said it before about vegetables, fruits, and grains, but now you have to include meats and dairy in that list.

Go meet your local farmers, and start those relationships.

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