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Green Shoots? Maybe…

Sorry, but I’m not talking about the economy.  It sucks just as much as it has.

No, I’m talking about my job situation.  I’ve gotten good paperwork from the new company, there’s just a couple minor things to work out and then I’ll be off to the races.

One major change is that the new gig is a contract arrangement.  More flexibility for me, still pretty good pay, and the bottom line is that it’s probably just as much stability as anything else right now.  Means that I have to come up with my own insurance plan, but that’s another story all together.

I won’t be resting on my laurels though.  I’ve been working in my off time on some new projects that I’ve alluded to before, and those will continue.  Some are general tools, some aren’t.  But all of them will provide potential income for me in some way, shape, or form.

Interestingly enough, we had a long conversation with our older kids (12 and up) about money, employment, entrepreneurship, and a deep dive into what money REALLY is.

We got about half way through the conversation … so there’s more to be had.  Interestingly, these kids really understood the part about not depending on others for their livelyhood and that working on things NOW while they’re young will help them figure out what they want to do.

They all have a couple things they want to try, and most of them have one or more of the family businesses (such as raising animals, etc) that they’d like to participate in.  Heck, they even went out in the snow (we got about 6″ the other night) to pick up pine cones to make christmas decorations to sell at the artisan market here in town.

Now if we can only maintain that enthusiasm…

In any case, thanks to all of you who sent your good will and prayers our way.  I truly appreciate it!

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2 Responses to Green Shoots? Maybe…

  1. Not surprising your kids understand about self reliance and how income works. They’ve been watching their parents.
    Great news about the job prospect!