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A Harbinger of Things To Come?

One of the things I keep a close eye on is events around the world that involve people behaving … poorly.  Riots, unrest, that sort of thing.

I look for this because I consider it to be a sign of what we might expect to see here in times of upheaval or worse.  It gives me an idea of things that could happen here.

It’s actually remarkable to see that as a global society we haven’t really “advanced” much when it comes to showing our disapproval with whatever is going on.

In some ways we’re a little more … civilized.  After all, we don’t typically run folks out of town on a rail, or tar and feather them.

On the flip side, we still burn stuff down, march in the streets, break things, and the like.  And that’s just when we’re pissed off about something.

Recently we see all sorts of fun stuff.  Riots for the WTO every year.  Demonstrations because rich people are getting richer.  Burning down government buildings across Europe because the MAN is going to cut benefits and drop retirement ages a couple of years.  Austerity, right?

But hey, we don’t have anything to worry about here.  Sure, we have the Occupy movement, but they’re mostly peaceful.  We occasionally have riots, like in Seattle for the WTO several years back.

But we’re civilized here.  We don’t do that sort of thing.

No, we don’t.  We seem to have a tendency to do far worse.  See, we seem to prefer to act … unseemly when other people have something we want, or maybe we just THINK other people have something we want.

Half the time, it’s the latter.  Those folks we’re mad at don’t actually have whatever it is that we want.  Or it doesn’t really belong to them.  But who cares, because I DONT HAVE IT AND I WANT IT!

There’s plenty of that sort of behavior in the wake of any natural disaster.  Look at the big hurricanes … Katrina, Sandy.  And look at how folks tend to behave.  Looting, theft, thuggery.

I know, not every area is beset by such behaviors.  And honestly, if you’re in an area that’s likely to disintegrate, you probably already know it.  And if you’re not, then you probably know that too.

But that doesn’t make you safe.  By no means at all, actually.  In the grand scheme of things those behaviors are petty in comparison to what might happen when food stops, the lights go out, and there’s no more gas.

What will people do when they can’t feed their kids?

I’ll leave you with one last thought today.  Last week it was Thanksgiving, followed by the shopping spree called ‘Black Friday’ where we all managed to save a few bucks on things we probably already planned to buy.

All good and well until you start looking at the headlines that come out right afterwards.

Gang fight at Black Friday sale

Shots fired outside Walmart

Customers run over in parking lot

Men steal boy’s shopping bag

Shopper robbed at gunpoint outside Best Buy

And so on…

Ask yourself … if people will do this to their neighbors to save a few dollars, what would they be willing to do when they can’t feed themselves and their family?

And then ask yourself … am I ready to deal with the answer to the first question?

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2 Responses to A Harbinger of Things To Come?

  1. For someone who does not live in fear, the question actually scares me. I think I can speak for a lot of people living in rural areas that we do not think it will affect us because we live in a rural area a good distance away from town. However, that is a false sense of security, an easy way to avoid the problem, and basically sticking your head in the sand. Once the desperate people in town or my neighbors run out of food, they will be trying to get mine.

    So I practice multiple layers of security and keep my food storage in several different areas instead of one general location. Just in case…

    Thanks for the article today!