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Hive Inspection – June 11, 2011

So this last weekend my gorgeous wife accompanied me to the bee yard to see how the bees were doing with the second deep box I added the week before. I also expected to see hatched bees and an increased population.

I wasn’t disappointed on the population front, there were definitely quite a few more bees than before, and empty brood cells that had been capped on my last visit. The weather was nice and the bees were all nice and calm.

The one thing that jumped right out at me was that they had started drawing burr comb between the two boxes. This was true for both hives. Apparently they like to do this if they don’t have anywhere to draw out drone comb and they think they need some drones.

In these two pictures you can see the burr at the top of the bottom box, and a shot of the burr comb at the bottom of one of the upper frames.  It tore apart when I lifted the second box and the bees were busy cleaning up the spilled sweet goodness while I was working.

I was planning on putting in a few dedicated drone frames anyways to help control varroa mites, so hopefully that will cover that problem.

Unfortunately a few bees didn’t survive the process of me scraping off the burr comb. Since the burr was full of stores they didn’t really want to let go, so while I did my best, a few of them fell to the ravages of my hive tool.

We managed to see the queen in hive one, but I wasn’t really looking for her this trip. Nonetheless, got a good picture of her here. You can click on the picture to get a closer view.

I’m looking forward to heading up there again if the weather cooperates this weekend. I think a couple of the kids want to go see things first hand!

As usual, I’ve posted more pictures from the inspection. Click here to see them.

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2 Responses to Hive Inspection – June 11, 2011

  1. How are the bees doin’. Making it thru the winter? Would like to hear what you did to prepare them for the winter even though our south texas winter will be much milder. Your sustainability articles have got me to thinkin’ and my wife and I are considering bee keeping along with other sustainable animals and plants on a small piece of land.
    Gene & Cherie

    • Don’t know yet. Have to get up there to visit soon. Weather has NOT been cooperative.

      I wasn’t able to do much to prepare them. I put on some winter feed but before I could go and check if they need more, I dislocated my knee … no bee visit for me last fall.

      Soon as I know, I’ll post it!