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A Holiday Weekend With The Kearneys

So as I mentioned in my last post, we had an extended visit to the Property, or ‘The Farm’ as the kids like to call it. I despise crossing the Cascades west-bound on any holiday weekend, so instead of coming back Monday, we stayed until Tuesday.

While most of the weekend was spent relaxing and hanging out, we managed to be productive still, though most of that productivity was spent helping my folks with their to-do list.

That’s One Stylish Chicken Coop

My Dad and I spent an hour or so putting the finishing touches on Moms chicken coop. We added some trim and framed around the window/vents.

All in all, I think it looks quite stylish, don’t you?

The X’s on the door was entertaining to do, and required in the end a bit of jury rigging. We ran out of trim at the very end and one of the legs of the X’s was cobbled together out of scrap.

Bet you can’t tell which one though!

Everyone Needs A High Quality Fire Pit!

The kids needed something to do, so I drove around with the four year old on the tractor while the older kids tossed rocks into the front loader. These rocks were then used to build a new fire pit in the new ‘outdoor living area’ outside of Moms kitchen.

Once again, high quality work on their part, even though there was a fair amount of griping involved about having to ‘pick up rocks AGAIN!’

Considering that these rocks came from the pile we made when clearing the orchard site a few months ago, I suppose I can see their point.

Finishing Up The Bunk House … Mostly

But not everything was done for Mom and Dad. I also finished up some of the outstanding work on the Bunkhouse I built last year for the kids. Dad and I installed the windows ($20 each, wicked price!) and built the dividing wall. We now have two separate rooms with separate entrances, one for boys, one for girls.  Sorry, no pictures here, I forgot.

Outstanding items for the bunk house is to make screens for the windows, put in some weather stripping and sweeps for the doors, seal gaps with foam, and put on siding of some sort. Tyvek will do for now, but it’s noisy and doesn’t pass The Wife Test ™

Oh, and I suppose I should put up some screen in the vents so that the bugs don’t get in very easily. Kids might have a problem with it if I don’t…

Anyhow, that’s what we got done on our last trip. Hope you all have been productive with your endeavors!

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  1. I really appreciate what you have to say with your personal article – everyday. However, what you have shared in today’s post really hits home to me in that maintaining such a schedule ‘daily’ could be quite the adventure {I am retired and operate a small business and it requires daily attention}.
    With you-all building your homestead and all – finding time to do a daily article posting could be a challenge.
    What I would suggest and like to see is at least one-comprehensive article a week or if you have time may-be two a week (every Tuesday and Thursday – you could call them R’s.T.&.T.tats – or something unique that we could all look forward to reading.
    I do want to share that I very-very-much enjoy the additional postings of articles and links shared – the different format (that from your personal posting) is primarily my way of learning what is happening in the world that could/would do an affect-effect on my knowledge and plans — a very comprehensive way to keep informed.