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Honey, Let’s Get A Bunker!

So my wife and I were sitting around watching the new Doomsday Bunkers show on Discovery to see if it was any good. It’s marginal, btw.

If you haven’t seen it, it revolves around a guy that builds custom bunkers for “preppers” and shows some of the process as well as a few finished products.

Some interesting stuff, and its was pretty entertaining to pick apart some of the ideas these guys had, as well as make mental notes of some of the ideas that were pretty good.

When they did a walkthrough of one of the finished bunkers she turns to me and says “I want one of those” … much to my surprise!

Then she decided that she wants a hobbit house too, kinda like the one that a family in Wales built by hand. If you haven’t seen that, check out their page here.

Now if you know my wife, you wouldn’t necessarily be surprised by her liking the hobbit house. But a bunker? Sure took me off guard.

I’ve thought quite a bit about picking up another hunk of land and putting some sort of underground shelter in it as a secondary location. But there’s a huge expense that goes along with it. Like, build a giant house type expense.

The bunkers on the show are custom engineered, but there’s plenty of folks out there that are using old shipping containers (reinforced!!!) as underground hidey-holes with good success.

I am not completely convinced it needs to be underground, because while it comes with quite a few benefits, security being one of the biggest, it also ends up having some big drawbacks. Ventilation being one of the biggest.

In any case, I don’t think that it’s a great idea for everyone to have their own personal bunker. If that’s something that fits your style, great.

Honestly, it’s probably something we’ll keep thinking about and contemplating, but right now it doesn’t fit into the plans. But I may or may not already know where I want to put it when it DOES fit into the plans…

But boy, it’d sure be sweet…

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6 Responses to Honey, Let’s Get A Bunker!

  1. My husband pointed out the same thing about the ventilation issue. It’d be too easy to cut off the air supply to one of those things and turn it into a tomb. Being somewhat a claustrophobe, that scenario makes me anxious.

    Also, I was waiting to hear them talk about cathodic protection on the show, but they didn’t. Surely they haven’t overlooked that.

  2. great minds think alike- we have thought of using reinforced storage containers too but after watching the show- it really bothered me how easy it would be to plug up any and all air holes and then what good would the blast door be?
    we were interested as the company is based in our home state Texas- we also run a construction business and hubby was saying the guy is making some big bucks- but he didnt know how expensive transportation was – we also noticed some of the materials used inside were not the best- they were mid range- like cabinets and walls.

    also did anyone else catch the security system could be taken out by a guy with a 22 rifle or even a pistol- or as i said by cutting the electricity to it? and how much do you bet the guys who stole the generator will come back when they think the guy replaced it and steal it again?

    • The ‘cameras hidden in the trees’ weren’t very hidden, that’s for sure.

      The other thing that jumped out at us was the final ‘blast door test’ with the binary explosive.

      Sure, the door held. But the hole in the jam was huge, and you could easily do all sorts of nasty stuff there … gasoline + molotov cocktail? bad news!

      Plus, the test wasn’t a very good one. The bunker design has the door inside a small tunnel type thing. This would keep the blast energy fairly contained, as opposed to the open air test they had which allowed the force to dissipate everywhere.

      Though, on that note, the entry design has the door open right into a living area. Any breach of that door gives you access straight to the living area. An airlock type thing would be much better!

      • Most people will boobytrap the area around as well as the entrance.It is suicide to have only one way in or out. I kooky friend of mine built a very nice bunker in his back yard using those huge culvert cement tubes. Once he leveled the florr he had 9 feet of clearance.Not he most comfortable but good for 3 months. He used three and it’svery large. His kids don’teven know it’s there. Peopeldon’t really suspect even when that sized commercial pipe is put in the ground. Of course he is depending on complete secrecy as the majority of his defence but he does have two ways in and out firearms and boobytraps that will not only dter peole but injure them as well. Remember a simple wound in hard time will take a person out of the fight a truly take the gas out of the rest of their raiding party. Easy prey is what they will be looking for. If you can eat well and stay somewhat fit for three months, you will emerge as one of the most capableto lead and survive.

  3. When you builda bunker, idealy, you would add it when you build your house.NOT DIRECTLY UNDERNEATH, if someone burns your house you”ll be in an oven. If your house already exists, you must hae a cover, a good one is a large front porch or new sceptic. That will allow for a large round (more strength in the walls) hole. You can do most of the work yourself, most companies are a scamand if you are not planning on living in it full time, it’s not worth it. NO ONE IS GOING TO LIVE UNDER GROUND FOR A YEAR NO MATTER HOW COMFORTABLE THE SPACE IS……..Make sure you put a buried turret on top that can be jacked (floor jack and a 4×4) up through the ground so if your buncker is comprimised you can fight without leving it. Once it’s found, if you can not generate your own air internally your dead. The first thing they will do is find your air intake and no matter how good it is, a shovel and pick will evevntually defeat it,if not a simple CS grenade or pepper saray. Water proof the outside and inside of your concrete floor and walls heavily and install two good blast doors. One entrance/exit is suicide. Plan on spendind ing no more than three months iside. You can cache food and other items under ground near by. The majority of any shitstorm will be over or you will be dead by then. WHile in the bunker talk extensively (especially to kids) about what it may be like when they leave the safety of the bunker. Stay busy studying survival medicine and urban recon. Needless to say, eventhough harsh, only you IMMEDIATE family can know the location. No in laws etc, you can impress upon them the importance. Your spouse and children are the most important and no Mother in Law can keep a secret espectially if she can make her son in law look like a kook. .22 ammo will be the best barter material (other than food and water which you wont want to part with) Don’t use one ofthese expensive companyies unless you have more money than sense.