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How My Family Decided To Band Together

forestroad-trekgraham@flickrWhen I was growing up my family lived on a small farm in the woods. This was a larger plot of land that had been subdivided between our family, my aunt and uncle’s family, and a third family we all were close to. It was a fantastic way to grow up, and even though we haven’t lived there for years, I still remember that place fondly.

The family disperses…

Fast forward several (ok, quite a few) years. My folks and my sisters now live geographically dispersed. The level of preparedness-mindedness (is that even a word?) varies widely, though myself and one of my sisters are relatively like minded, and one of my other sisters practices many preparedness skills without actually knowing about it.

Independent of one another, though we talked about it somewhat loosely, my sister, my parents, and I began looking for property for ourselves. Slowly but surely after talking a bit more with the entire family, we realized that what we REALLY wanted, preparedness mindset or not, was to have the entire family together on one large plot of land.

The search for the perfect land begins…

pasture-zermie@flickrWe all continued the search for the perfect land. The problem was that our vision of perfect differed somewhat significantly. Nonetheless, we continued to search. Our search was constrained generally to the North Western States.

We searched pretty hard, and really beat the pavement looking for the perfect land that met all of our common criteria.

What were the criteria used for the search?

pond-judybaxter@flickrLike I said, some of the criteria we used were wildly different. We all agreed upon the following though:

Water: Having some sort of water available was a necessity. It could be well based, but having some form of surface water was important.

Mixed Timber and Meadow: Ideally we wanted a mix of timber and meadow or pasture land. Some of us wanted to have livestock, others wanted the woodsy lifestyle. We wanted something that made both realistic.

Utilities Available: While being self sufficient is a great thing, having grid power and telephone was a necessity. If needed, we could pay to bring it in, but it had to be available

Seclusion: We didn’t want to be really close to town, but we wanted to be close enough to neighbors and not incredibly far out. 20-30 minutes drive to the nearest town seemed reasonable.

Off the Beaten Path: Like the last criteria, we didn’t want to be on a main road, or in a really visible location.

What was the result of the search?

Find out tomorrow! While you wait, tell me about what you would look for … or what you’ve already found!

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One Response to How My Family Decided To Band Together

  1. Rudy, I wish so much that my family had the same mindset as my husband and me. They’re too consumed with…well, consuming and pretending that we’re still living in the 1950’s.