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I’m Back!

Wow.  What a crazy couple of weeks it’s been.

I honestly don’t recall if I told you just how quickly this all fell into place, but the nutshell version is that we started thinking about moving this year around the beginning of August, decided to move in the middle of August, and had moved by the end of August.

As I’ve said before, moving a family of our size is no small feat, and my wife did most of the packing (and unpacking so far) and deserves all the credit in the world for a very smooth move.  We managed to ditch the kids to friend visits and overnights for quite a bit of the time, so once they had their stuff packed, they were mostly out of our hair unless we had work for them to do.

Not to say that we haven’t had troubles and hurdles to jump through.  We’ve had quite a few.

The Never Ending Move

None of the commercial alternatives to the big moving companies that I know of service our new area. So stuff like ABF was out of the question. U-Haul it was.  We rented a 26′ truck and hired some labor to load it up.  We knew we’d have to make two trips.

What we didn’t know is that I’d end up packing most of the truck myself.  See, apparently the guys we hired were extras from the movie Dumb and Dumber, and managed to hurt themselves in a very avoidable way with the truck about 1/3 packed.  Leaving me to pack the rest of it myself, since everyone else was out and about.  Thanks to the helping hands of the neighbor who pitched in, got everything packed.

Trip number two, last weekend, went a bit better.  But in my (now foolish, but seemed like a good idea at the time) wisdom, I only got a 17′ truck, since the 20′ truck was $150 more.  Well, not everything fit.  So…. trip #3 will happen towards the end of the month.  Good grief, I say.

At least the movers we got for the second trip were competent and fast.  Good people.

Talk About Weird Problems…

We’ve had some predictable and some not so predictable problems while moving in.  For example, not having Internet because there was a wireless signal in the way that was interfering.

Or the septic line backing up, putting sewage on the basement floor and in the bathtub. Which happened while my wife was home with all the kids and I was half way across the state driving a U-Haul truck for load #2.

Or how about the ballast in one of the kitchen fixtures blowing, nearly causing a house fire.

Of course the most predictable … the first trip that took twice as long as normal, leading us to crash out at our trailer on the Farm before finishing the trip the next day.

We’ve also had some heavy medical issues pop up right the last minute, with my wife and various children going to the doctor both before and after the move many times.

No Really, Kids Belong In School

Between all the kids, today is the first day, a week into the school year, that all of the kids were in school.  Our old high school had issues with transcripts, leaving eldest daughter unable to attend school for days until they got it squared away.  And a minor medical records gap kept our youngest from attending until today.

Despite the paper pushing nightmares, everyone has been extremely nice and helpful, and above all genuinely caring about our kids.  You can’t buy that.

Anyhow, back to regular posting now … sorry for the longer than planned hiatus, we’re back now!

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4 Responses to I’m Back!

  1. It’s great (and amazing!) to have you back so soon! Moving can be so stressful, I’m glad yours went relatively smoothly.

  2. Welcome home and welcome back! Glad the move went quickly and safely. Hope your family is on the road to restored health.

    Btw, thank you for blessing your wife. I hope she knows how well you speak of her in your posts. She must be a Proverbs 31 woman. :)

    • She reads everything I write, and yes, she’s definitely a Proverbs 31 woman. She even has it printed out and hung nicely on her mirror.

      I couldn’t be luckier.