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Initial Thoughts on the Soil Cube Tool

Last week I talked about how I’m going to be using soil cubes to start my plants this year. I got the soil cube tool from Clayton at Deeply Rooted Organics.

My first thought upon unpacking the box was “Nice build quality” … Each tool is built by hand, and Clayton clearly has talent in this area.

The tool looks pretty easy to use, and comes with a pair of tongs to move the resulting cubes around without destroying them.

I mentioned the build quality of the soil cube tool, and the attention to detail here is fantastic. Edges are rounded nicely, the plunger slides perfectly.

I didn’t have any trays to use for holding the cubes, so I haven’t made any yet. I picked up some at the hardware store today so I’ll be testing this out this weekend, and will definitely share more, with pictures.

In any case, I’m excited, and can’t wait to try it out.

I also picked up a couple of different ‘recipes’ for soil to use when making the cubes. There seems to be vast disagreement between folks on what the best ratios are, and I know my mom had troubles with it last year.

So I’m going to simply try out a few different mixes and see what works best, consistency wise. Since I’m not too worried about the nutrient balance in the cube itself, I’m really just after how solid the cubes are, and how well they hold together when watered.

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8 Responses to Initial Thoughts on the Soil Cube Tool

  1. I can’t wait to learn from your experiment. I just recently saw something similar called “potting blocks”. Has anyone used these? The potting block come in different sizes for different sized seeds or you can take a seedling in a smaller cube and place it in a larger cube as it grows. I’m just not sure if that is really needed and worth the price.

    Also, recently found a video for the “poor man’s soil cube” using a plastic container and a screw.

    • those are the same metal presses that you get at Johnny’s, for example. I think they work fine.

      I prefer supporting the little guy though 😉

  2. I have a soil cube and absolutely love it. I had to reattach the white PVC to the block because the glue did not hold well enough, or maybe I was using it wrong. I just put in some screws and it works great. For the home gardener it is just the right size.