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But The Internet Said EMP Will Kill Us All!

So today I thought I’d talk about something a little bit different.

I tend to be pretty pragmatic about things, and focus on the more probable events first before worrying about the crazy stuff. Like worrying about a job loss before worrying about a giant asteroid hitting our planet.

But one thing I’ve always talked about is that in many cases the difference between prepping for the routine and prepping for the very unlikely isn’t as big as you might think.

Similarly, a given event can have likely consequences that aren’t particularly bad but that same event may have unlikely consequences as well … and those will probably be quite a bit worse.

Let’s take an EMP for example. There’s quite a few folks that are concerned about EMP, or EMP like effects such as a solar flare.

Depending on the type of EMP event, the impacts could vary pretty dramatically. Maybe a few of your electronic devices get fried. A little painful, but not the end of the world.

On the other hand, it could be a massive event that destroys the electrical grid, burning out transformers that can’t be easily rebuilt. That could be a massive multi-year impact.

Same type of event, completely different impact. But if you’re already prepping for a six month impact due to economic collapse, for example, how much does it REALLY take to be prepared for that EMP event as well?

Not a whole heck of alot.

If we focus on the fundamentals of preparedness, making sure we identify the systems that support us that could fail, and prepare accordingly for those failures, all of our efforts become broadly applicable.

So don’t focus on individual events so much. Instead, focus on preparing for the loss of those support systems and you’ll end off with a more balanced life that lets you react to events that you see coming AND the ones you don’t.

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6 Responses to But The Internet Said EMP Will Kill Us All!

  1. Wonderful advice, Rudy. I’ve heard of many people preparing for one type of disaster, which could leave them vulnerable if other situations were to become the issue. Your final paragraph sums up my thoughts as well: prepare for the loss of support systems in general, no matter how that may come about. Then, if you’re focused on a specific event, fill in the gaps for that situation. Right now, it looks like product supply, quality, and escalating prices could become a serious challenge whether or not any natural or manmade catastrophe hits.

  2. I recently asked DH, who ‘groks’ electronics and electricity, about EMP. He said a copper mesh cage when you’re building your house is a nice touch – um, thanks, dear, but our house is built already, now what? The ubiquitous two drawer metal file cabinet is about as complete a metal ‘cage’ as you can get. Put your spare electronics in one, or store your everyday laptop, radio, etc., in there and you should be good to go. You could also use a 4 drawer file cabinet as long as it’s metal.

  3. P.S.: this is why I favor a systems-based approach to disaster preparedness. If you prepare for how to do dishes in an emergency, for example, rather than the amorphous earthquake or flood scenario, I think it’s easier to have all the parts in place and not as overwhelming.

    • And this is the overall point I was trying to make … not specifically how to prep for EMP :)

  4. Very good advice. My husband and I considered all our options and decided to become as self-sufficient as possible. That includes creating as many sources of incomes as possible should one of us lose our jobs. We are looking for a place to move to and homestead (5-10 acres). Our first year goal is to prepare the soil, trees, bushes, animales, etc. to bring in more than 60% of our food next year. We decided self-sufficiency would be the best way to prepare for most any natural or manmade catastrophe.