How to prepare your family to survive and thrive in todays uncertain world

Is It Paranoia If The Zombie Horde Is Right Outside?

During our wandering over the snow covered hills this winter, my wife and I discussed preparing for … more drastic events. Yes, we talked about preparing for massive societal collapse.

We didn’t discuss specifics, however. Recall from my last post that we were primarily discussing our home building plans. Well, there had been some discussion amongst the extended family about planning our housing in a way that is relatively specific to the security concerns of a group of families during the zombie apocalypse.

The discussions had ranged from building one huge multifamily house to lots of smaller buildings built close by.  That last one sounded awfully close to suburban living though…

One key point that my lovely wife brought up is moderation and being realistic. I think all of us that prep are susceptable to going overboard and losing sight of what is truly likely to happen. It’s way too easy to focus in on scenarios that may be more ‘exciting’ or ‘interesting’ and forget that the likelyhood of that happening is pretty darn low.

Don’t Be Paranoid, Be Happy!

Folks, it’s important that we avoid being paranoid in our preps. It doesn’t make sense to go and build a massive medieval compound, complete with moat and walls, to protect us from the zombies. It just isn’t going to be necessary.

Preparedness is something that enhances your life and helps you live life with a sense of security and peace, and without fear. If you let your mindset wander over to the paranoid side of the house and stay there, you are selling yourself short.

It’s important to think about those rare and massively catastrophic events. It’s important to plan for them. But considering that the likelihood of most of them occurring is so small, letting those things drive your life is one of the bigger mistakes you can make.

Take it from the smartest woman in the world … Don’t Let Paranoia and Fear Drive Your Life!

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3 Responses to Is It Paranoia If The Zombie Horde Is Right Outside?

  1. Nice Post. I like this encouragement. I agree 100% that it is too easy to get caught up in all exciting prospects. Reality if these scenarios is that it will be a very tough and difficult time. I agree that we are in for a long and difficult journey ahead. And before a journey starts in earnst there is always a preparation time. And so you can prepare but as your lovely wife has said….we don’t need to let the fear of all this drive us.

    Personally, i feel that this is a time like the time of Joseph when he was the number 2 guy in Egypt. He had a dream where God spoke to him about 7 great years followed by 7 difficult ones. Joseph commanded the country to prepare. They lived well the first 7 years, and prepared for the ones he believed were going to follow. He followed your wifes advice…..he lived and prepared in Faith…not fear.

    Keep up the great work Rudy.

  2. Build a ferrocement house Rudy….it’s earthquake, fireproof, and no one gets past cement. (Cement and rebar, that’s all you need) A stick built house BURNS, and there goes all your food. Puff, up in smoke. Keep up the great work Rudy.