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It’s Not About Your Guns

molon-labeI had something different in mind to write about tonight, but then the events in Newtown, CT happened, and the predictable swarm of politicians and attention seekers found microphones and keyboards.  And unfortunately yet again they crawled over bodies on their way to manipulate the misery and grief of others to make political hay.

Equally predictable was the resulting outcry from Second Amendment supporters who understand very well that while they may not want the fight, it’s being brought to them, yet again.  And the volleys go back and forth with words and pictures in the media and on various Blog and Social Networking sites.

And then Obama gets up and starts talking about how we need to change as a people because of what happened, and that he’s had way too many mass shootings during his presidency.  And so on and so forth.

It’s all noise.  This isn’t about your guns, and it never was. Sure, they make a big deal out of it, but that’s so you’ll focus on it.

Don’t get me wrong, they’d love to have your firearms.  They’d love to get rid of the second amendment.  But not because of the guns.  Because of what they represent.

See, taking away guns is just a way to enable them to control us even more than they do now.

And that’s what this is really all about.  Control.

They want to dictate to us how we live our lives.

They want to control what we can and can’t do.

They want us to behave the way they see fit, not how we see fit.

They want us beholden and dependent on them.

They want us working jobs and industries that they choose.

They want us to see them as our providers.

They want to control our food supply.

They want to control who we can talk to and how we can talk to them.

They want to control where we can travel, and when.

They want to make people that disagree with them vanish without a trace.

They want to be able to stop you, search you, and arrest you with no probable cause or warrant.

They want machines watching your every move.  Recording everything you do on video.  Analyzing your travel patterns.

They want machines scanning every email.  Every phone call.  Every website you visit.  Every text message you send.

They want to track everything you buy or sell.

And the list goes on, and on, and on.

Some of these things are already a reality.  Some of them are on their way.

It’s a classic tactic.  Press a hot button issue over here to draw attention away from what you’re doing over there.

Take advantage of a tragedy to manipulate people into giving up liberties they would never have otherwise forsaken.  The Patriot Act is a great example here.  A travesty of a bill pushed by supposed conservatives and liberals alike in the wake of 9/11.  It wasn’t ever about terror, it was always about increasing the control the statists have over us.

Or my favorite … threaten some massive infringement.  Like gun confiscation to keep it on topic here.  And then after the predictable uproar happens, they “compromise” by only taking SOME of your liberties and rights.  Just a little here.  It won’t hurt much.

And next time, just a little more infringement.

Folks, it isn’t about taking your guns.  That’s just one little thing on the list.

It’s about making you a slave.

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4 Responses to It’s Not About Your Guns

  1. i am having a real problem with those who freely post, print, and speak about guns being a problem in America. We have a problem with godlessness. PERIOD.

    For over a hundred years our government — regardless of who was in office — has been chiseling away at the foundation upon which America was founded. You are right – it is about control. That is why my main focus in the prayer groups I attend and host is about returning the American people and those who govern her to a place where God is sovereign. That can’t happen without people fleeing from the control of only enemy, satan and submitting and loving a Father who created them and infilled them with Himself by Holy Spirit. People without Jesus have nothing in them to stop the evil that is inherent in all of us until we are born again.

  2. Amen. This is a very well-written, “nail on the head” post. The one big impediment to the federal government becoming a totalitarian authority is how well-armed the American citizenry is. We must stand for our rights or we stand for nothing.

  3. Welcome to Agenda 21. It was written by the UN, and you can read it on their website, it chips away all freedoms our founding fathers set forth to make this country a great nation. It starts with the children by training them to ignore their parents teachings, it has been a slow progress but they keep making strides everyday. When parents let their children play video games that teach it is alright to steal, kill, and rape. You/we have lost that generation to the progressives.

    The generation that has grown up, and is growing up with this mindset it is ok to kill. The generations of gamers are programmed just as if you programmed a computer, they have no conscious, no remorse. They are ticking time bombs ready to go off, where and when is only a matter of time. How do I know, I have a step-grandson who fits into this pattern(we refused to purchase those garbage games for him to play), since we live so far away it was hidden from us. They are now putting him in a program to detoxity him, who knows if it will work.

    So please keep your rights to bear arms, but get rid of those awful games for mind control.