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Keeping Kids Entertained Is Important!

One thing that is pretty clear to most parents is that keeping kids entertained is important.

While making sure kids know how to entertain themselves is a great goal, every parent has heard those horrible words “I’m bored!” from time to time.

Now generally those words in our home are met with the question “Do you need me to find you something to do?” which is Kearney-Code for “I got plenty of chores for you to do, are you sure you’re really bored?”

Most of the time they quickly find things to do. In fact, when I say those magic words, all of a sudden there are no kids to be found anywhere. It’s amazing!

However, if there’s any sort of emergency situation or longer term collapse that would require us to bug in for an extended period of time, boredom is inevitable.

I’ve written before about the importance of having games, cards, books, etc to keep boredom and tedium away. But there’s two things I’d like to add today.

First, make sure that as your kids grow older, your ‘entertainment preps’ grow with them. While Monopoly Junior or Don’t Break The Ice was a great plan for the five year old, when he’s ten it may not quite fit the bill any more.

That doesn’t mean to get rid of stuff, but it does mean that you should be augmenting your entertainment stock regularly.

Second, expand what you consider entertainment. For crafty folks, sewing projects, knitting, and the like can be pretty good preps. My oldest daughter loves to do that sort of thing, and she can just sit and cross stitch all day.

Bottom line, variety is key, and you need more than just games and books. Puzzles, projects, contests (who can make a paper airplane fly the farthest, for example) and the like are great. Let your imagination run wild now so that if you need it, you’ve already planned out lots of creative ideas.

And in the spirit of making your life better today, all of this will come in handy on the next rainy day when the kids come and say “I’m bored” …

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One Response to Keeping Kids Entertained Is Important!

  1. As a mother and grandmother of many years – :) – I have experienced the words “I am bored” many times, and have come to realize that when the children say this that they want you to do something with them. It doesn’t make any difference what you do – just do it together – games, cooking, cleaning, shooting, etc. Last night, for example, my youngest grandson complained “I am bored” – so I dropped what I was doing – and all we did was throw a small football around the family room and he was happy as could be. I didn’t even have to get off my butt – just kept throwing it. We ended up belly laughing and having a wonderful time and he wasn’t bored anymore. Learn like I have – life is too short – throw a darn football and laugh” – it doesn’t get any better than this.