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Your Knowledge Is Useless!

A habit I find myself falling into ever so often is to assume that just because I have knowledge in my head that it will translate into flawless action.

It doesn’t usually work that way.

As an example, from time to time I do some programming work at my day job that should be straight forward. In theory, it should work flawlessly, since I’ve done similar stuff many times.

Yet there’s always a flaw or two. A typo, a silly logic error, who knows. Sometimes with benign results, and sometimes with catastrophic results.

No matter how many times I do this, I always manage to do it again. Go figure.

Prepping is remarkably similar to this. How many of you have bookshelves full of books, but haven’t actually USED the knowledge kept in them?

You may know how to can, but have you actually done it?

You’ve got all this long term storage food, but have you actually eaten any of it? Do you like it?

The theory behind gardening is pretty simple, but in practice most first time gardeners fail miserably. Have you tried it?

Your knowledge is important, but putting it into practice is just as important. If you don’t, you’ll find catastrophe hitting just when you expect it the least.

So practice skills.

Use your preps in your daily life.

Don’t assume everything will work. It won’t. Practice, practice, practice.

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3 Responses to Your Knowledge Is Useless!

  1. You are so right. That’s the entire reason I started writing my blog, so I can chronicle our progress from having a pile of information to having true knowledge of how to do things! More often we succeed but sometimes we fail miserably! Better to fail and learn now than when TSHTF.

  2. I tried gardening for 2 years and was only able to grow some tomatoes. Finally in the 3rd year (after converting to square foot gardening) I saw some good results. Now my 4th year and correcting my failures from last year is so far starting with results I could not have imagined 4 years ago.
    had I waited until an emergency to start gardening I would have been in big trouble!