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This Is Your Last Chance For A While…

I’ve decided to take my solar and wind power books off the market for a while.

I’m going to completely revamp them and create a new combined alternative energy package that has the wind and solar books, as well as books about micro hydro, steam power, and wood gas generators.

As you know my energy books are selling now for $15, but if I sold the new package for $75, that seems awfully steep.

I’m guessing that the price point will be around $47, which seems reasonable for five fairly comprehensive DIY energy books. Especially considering that you’d pay $47 just for a wind/solar combo elsewhere.

To express my thanks to those of you who have already picked up copies of my solar book, everyone who has purchased a copy of that book will get a free upgrade to the mega package when it is available.

That deal will be valid for anyone who tries out the DIY solar book before it goes off the market on Monday as well.

So if you’re interested at all in alternative energy or would like to have good comprehensive information at your fingertips, this is a darn good deal that you should take advantage of.

And remember, there’s absolutely no risk to you because if you don’t like it, send me an email, let me know why, and I’ll refund your money. The book will be yours to keep no matter what.

Click here for more information about the book, or if you know this is something you want to take advantage of before it’s gone, you can use the buttons below.


Take care,


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