How to prepare your family to survive and thrive in todays uncertain world

Lessons Learned From My Sudden Unemployment

We’ve learned a few things first hand with our recent job situation, and I want to talk about them a bit.

One thing that I already knew, and have already talked about, but bears repeating … Most of the things we do to prepare for any given incident will cross over into other incidents. If you’re primarily preparing for, say, a pandemic, many of the preps you put in will be helpful if you lose your job. Like I sorta did.

Not to say that you should be preparing for one thing, but you get my drift…

In any case, on to the list.

First … Have extra cash. Some in the bank, and some in the closet, or something like that. Ideally you should have several months of expenses covered. We didn’t have that due to some recent expenses, and it made me a bit nervous. We were building our reserves back up when this latest thing hit.

Second … Have food storage. Knowing that you’re going to eat, even if it isn’t gourmet, takes a huge weight off your shoulders. We have a couple freezers full of meat, and while steaks might get a bit monotonous after a while, we really ended up with everything covered except for fresh produce.

Third … Have extra “stuff” around. There’s all sorts of things that you use on a regular basis. Stuff like toilet paper, soaps, and other household goods are prime examples. Having extras around lets you not worry about having to pay for them when hard times hit.

Fourth … Have multiple income streams. Here, I failed miserably. My secondary and tertiary income streams aren’t enough to do much with. This must change. It’s readily apparant that it’s a bad plan to be at the mercy of someone else for your livelyhood.

And finally … either have a plan, or make one right away. If you already know what you’ll do if XYZ happens, then you’re a step ahead of that disaster. And even if you haven’t planned, promptly putting a plan in place will help you get through as well as possible. In this case, within an hour or two we had all the financial things figured out and only had to focus on replacing the income. Definitely a good excercise though!

There’s definitely more, but these are the things I wanted to touch on tonight. I hope you all have a great week this week.

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