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Life. It Can Sure Be Challenging

Nobody Ever Expects The Zombie Invasion!
Nobody Ever Expects The Zombie Invasion!

I should apologize in advance for my posting history last week.  It was a crazy week with me taking a major training course at work and it just ended up thrashing my days.  I honestly didn’t really feel like I had it in me to write.

I shouldn’t blame work exclusively though.  Recent events in the world such as the continued dollar weakness, economic faux recovery, debt financed government health care, etc have all led me to feel an intense urge to step up our preparation efforts a notch or two.  Am I the only one who feels that way?

It’s been a while since I’ve felt this pessimistic about things and the long term prognosis for society as we know it today.  I’m not predicting a societal collapse followed by the inevitable zombie horde invasion, mind you, but I do feel like many of the things I hold near and dear about this country are falling by the wayside.

I try not to go into politics too much here because I recognize that while many of us feel strongly about our political beliefs, those beliefs aren’t necessarily the same and going into them too much will lead to topic drift.  This is a preparedness and survival site, and one that is family oriented, so I try to keep it focused!

But the doom and gloom doesn’t just come from the world events, but also things closer to home.  While my job seems to be stable, people are dropping like flies around me.  I don’t have any sense of job security any more, and that’s saying something since I never really bought into the whole ‘job security as salaried employee’ myth.  It’s amazing how much stress that can add.

So I ramp up my preps.  And I work on financial independence.  And I prepare.  I take classes.  I learn.  My wife and I set goals and we work towards them.  Small improvements, every day.

What have you done recently?  If you’re not already doing concrete things to do what you can to prepare, why not?  What’s holding you back?

Don’t wait too long.  You might not have as much time as you think.

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2 Responses to Life. It Can Sure Be Challenging

  1. Interesting that you say this… that’s been very much in my thoughts lately. Of course, I do work in the finance industry so I have a quick snapshot of how things are going… but I have also been really contemplating financial independence and even currency independence.

  2. Very odd. I am seeing this quite a bit lately. It’s not just among my prepper friends, but people that are usually oblivious to what is going on politically.

    I think the general “slimy” tactics Congress has been employing in forcing through the Obama Care has been a big part of it. It’s getting a lot of people’s attention. The recent disclosure of the Global Warming scam emails is having a similar affect.

    The level of mistrust is growing, and people are becoming concerned. That’s a good thing.