How to prepare your family to survive and thrive in todays uncertain world

Don’t Lose Sight Of What’s Important

Europe crumbles. Greece burns. America continues its decline. Worldwide financial systems are falling apart.

This is a recipe for stress. Lots of stress. Especially when we’re busy preparing for the fallout from current events (and those yet to come).

In circumstances like this it’s way too easy to lose track of what’s important.

And for me, what’s important is my family.

Every day when I look at my wife I am thankful for her support in everything I do. I’m thankful that we’re blessed to the point that she doesn’t have to work outside of the house and can stay home with the kids.

I’m thankful that she and I are largely on the same page when it comes to prepping. I know from talking one on one to many of you that this is not always the case.

I can’t comprehend what life would be like without my gorgeous daughters and handsome sons. The house is silent and empty when they’re not here … though when they are, chaos tends to reign…

But during the stressful times, it’s important to not lose track of those people in our lives that are truly important.

I know that my life has been stressful as all get-out for the last six weeks. It’s made me consider how I need to shift my priorities.

I urge you to think about these things yourself, consider what’s important to you, and make sure that you have your priorities straight.

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4 Responses to Don’t Lose Sight Of What’s Important

  1. Rudy,

    Good for you on realizing your need to shift your priorities. It is an intelligent person who recognizes these needs and goes forward from there. God bless!

  2. It’s the weirdest thing about parenthood, when you see the storm on the horizon, you really start thinking in terms of the next generation. Having a safe and decent place to grow and learn as they mature into active citizens, if you will, is critical for society.
    The greatest stress reliever I know is to engage completely with the kids, do something, anything, whatever they are doing or want to do and be their friend. Those people WANT to hang out with you. Their energy and enthusiasm for life rejuvenates frazzled adults (and strengthens parents relationships). Putting your cares on the back burner and having fun once in a while won’t make you forget your obligations anymore than going to sleep makes you forget to go to work the next day.
    Keep looking up!

    • My teenagers hide it pretty well if they “Want” to hang out with us 😉

      In all seriousness, you’re right, and it’s important to make time for this stuff, especially when you have a gaggle of kids which makes setting aside time hard enough as it is.

      And our teenagers DO want to hang out with us, they just pretend they don’t!