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Yet Another Manufactured Crisis Goes Wild

smoke-and-mirrorsSmoke and mirrors, folks.  Smoke and mirrors.

The whole sequester thing is nothing but yet another manufactured crisis that’s there to keep you occupied.

Once again the sob stories, predictions of disaster, and threats of “necessary” services being cut are all over the “mainstream media.”

And once again, it’s all lies.  The draconian cuts (2.3% of the overall budget) are as usual a minor reduction in the scheduled budget increases.  No actual reduction in actual costs will happen.  Next month they’ll spend more than they spent this month.

As usual.

But ignore all that circus drama for a bit and take a look at what’s going on around the world.

China’s crashing.  Japan’s crashing.  Europe … well, Europe is going nuts and who knows what they’re going to do.  Looks like Italy is going to have a changing of the guard that has promised to keep spending like drunken sailors.

Domestically prices keep going up and up.

The stock market is dicy.

Ol’ Benny says go ahead and spend all you want, I’ll buy it all!

Please make sure you make tangible progress in your preps as rapidly as possible.

Make sure you have a solid garden this year.  If you can raise protein, do that too.

Have some cash on hand.  Have food on hand.

Make sure you have your Berkey or some other water filtration on hand.

If you’ve got a glaring gap in your preps, fix it.

Don’t feel a sense of urgency?  Look at this chart (h/t Zerohedge) and tell me how you feel now…



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