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Monsanto, Schools, and Our Glorious TSA

I’m feeling pretty tired tonight so I’m not going to be writing a full on post, but instead will touch on a few things I have read over the last couple days.

Monsanto Strikes Again

This one was particularly frightening and disturbing. Monsanto is forcing farmers using their seeds to sign a new licensing agreement that shifts all liability and blame for anything that ever happens, including any damages that arise from their plants, from Monsanto to the farmers.

Not only that, but it establishes a durable covenant on the farmers land that binds anyone who buys that land to the same agreement in the future.

From the Survival Acres blog where I read about this first:

Essentially, Monsanto will now control all future harvests, growers rights, and even the sale of farms if they have EVER ONCE used a Monsanto seed or signed one of these contracts. Cross-contaminated farms will also wind up in court attempting to sue the original farmer (this has already happened).

What do suppose this therefore means to the world’s food supply that rely upon crops grown (or animals fed) by private farmers who either agreed to use Monsanto seeds or wound up being cross-contaminated? Who owns and controls these crops?

Go read the whole article here

Schools? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Schools!

I’ve written before about the inevitable austerity measures we will be seeing throughout the country. We’re starting to see it take shape in front of our very eyes in Wisconsin. More about that another day. Today I want to point out something even more entertaining.

The state of Michigan has ordered the Detroit Public Schools to shut down half of its schools. They are forcing the district to stop spending more than it brings in. Until today they have been spending $327 Million more than they had on an annual basis.

So to begin living within their means they are shutting down 72 schools which increases class sizes to 60 students per class. They are cutting teachers and administrators and gutting district programs.

This is what will happen to a town or city near you if we’re not careful. In fact, in many areas I believe this is completely inevitable. Hope you’re ready.

TSA Is Secure, Right?

TSA and Homeland Security like to talk about how secure they make airline flights. Yet you constantly hear about people making it through security with lots of different prohibited items.

But hey, we have the new Naked Body Scanners in airports that make things much more secure, right?

No. Not really. As is often the case with security measures, they get probed and tested from time to time. Well, there is an undercover agent that has been testing security measures, including the glorious Porno Scanners, and came up with some interesting results.

This woman was able to get a gun through security by shoving it into her bra. But hey, that’s ok, it just happened once, right? Nope. She got the gun through security every single time she tried.

Every. Single. Time.

And they ask us to give up our rights for this? I don’t think so.

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