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Moving To The Next Phase

I alluded to it yesterday, but today I’m going to announce a pretty big change.

We’ve decided to expedite our moving plans, and are going to be moving within the next couple weeks to a new home near our land in Eastern Washington. We’ll be getting it nailed down before school starts.

We’ve found a nice home on 20 acres about half an our from our land in the same school district. The house needs a few changes (temporary walls) to get enough bedrooms, and it’s going to be cozy, but we’ll be there.

The plan is to rent there for about a year, and build on our land next summer as planned. The fact that we’re going to be only half an hour away means we’ll be able to start with improvements to our new homestead right away, even if construction won’t start for a while yet.

This is a huge step for us, and a huge leap of faith. Definitely not something we took lightly. The kids are ready to go and we’re all frantically packing up our home so we can get moved.

It’s interesting how things go, because we weren’t looking to move at all, but this house landed in our lap. We went and looked at it, talked to the owners, and pulled the trigger. Everything fell right into place.

We’re excited, nervous, and some of us are a little scared.

Needless to say, there may be a few days here and there where you don’t get a post from me … Thanks in advance for your patience!

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4 Responses to Moving To The Next Phase

  1. How exciting! New adventures around every corner & it puts you closer to your ultimate goal. I hear good things about that chamomile tea, going to have to try some myself. Maybe you should just keep a pot brewing with all you have going on! :o)