How to prepare your family to survive and thrive in todays uncertain world

New and Noteworthy for Today, August 8, 2012

Here’s a bunch of links I saw today that I thought you might like.

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One Response to New and Noteworthy for Today, August 8, 2012

  1. Thanks for the help in my Research…I appreciate the fact that you provide such good Articles…Our living situation changed recently, so, we’re not able to do much “Prepping” as we’d being doing. We WERE going to put in a “Victory Garden, in the spacious back yard, but the owner of the House we were renting, decided to dump it, (we couldn’t afford it), and so we’ve moved from 2600 Sq. ft. to a 650 Sq. ft. Condo…NO back yard!!?! But, I’ll still keep monitoring your Articles, some a VERY HELPFUL! Thanks!