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New and Noteworthy for Today, December 20, 2012

Here’s a bunch of links I saw today that I thought you might like.

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One Response to New and Noteworthy for Today, December 20, 2012

  1. Well, hello again. THANKS for your faithful researching for us!

    The reason I’m posting is, that I NEED to get some thoughts out that you and others have stimulated, concerning the NEWTOWN horror that we’ve all been subjected to, and assaulted by. Of course the mass majority were TOTALLY shocked, revolted and then (many) were angered by the brutality, and the UTTER UNGODLINESS of the act! But! THAT is a MAJOR ISSUE…The UNGODLINESS of it…

    The FACT that this man WAS SOOOO UNGODLY! And THAT, I believe, lays MUCH closer to the heart of the issue, than the “Gun controls Issue”.

    I also see a correlation in the LACK of GODLINESS of the massacre, and the “kneejerk” reaction of demanding the “We’ve got to change things”, — {a HIGHLY veiled demand to BAN GUNS}. Legislate rather than seek heart change!

    So, simply put, I believe that:
    #1] This massacre indicates an increasing slide towards Godlessness.
    #2] That FACT indicates that this once God Fearing People, are no longer that people.
    #3] And lastly, this indicates that the admonition of Tokeville (sp?) that “America is good, because it’s people are good. As long as they remain good, the Nation will remain strong” (my paraphrase), WAS amazingly prescient & prophetic!

    Thus, the answer to this “Violence” problem, will NEVER find solution in Legalities & Legislating righteousness, but rather, it will be solved WHEN our Pastors STEP FORWARD and condemn the ACTIONS, expose the MOTIVES, and demand a return, by their congregations, to the GENUINE standards of Jesus, (which HE clearly explained in Matt. Chapter 5, verses 21 thru 48; as well as Matt. 6:19 – 34, and Chapter 7 — “THE SERMON ON THE MONT”).

    While this may, to many, sound simplistic, if one does a TRULY THOROUGH study of American History, one finds that, at the CORE of Americas’ greatness, lays the FACT that Americas’ adherence to Biblical Moral & Ethical standards, (ESPECIALLY those detailed by both Christ’s life, as well as His statements), was WHY America became the great Nation it is.

    Since the America populace has generally CHOSEN to turn from those moral & ethical restraints, and chosen to rebel against the discipline of decency that those social restraints established, unfortunately, historically, (in EVERY Empire that’s ever ruled), there is now only one consequence that History displays as the result of an Empire’s people & rulers making the choices that “We the People” have either made, or, allowed and tolerated….

    One thing is becoming more rapidly apparent daily; the Mayans were correct in their (oft mistranslated or misstated but nonetheless definitely stated) declaration, that “in 2012” we HAVE entered into “the end of an era”…the end of the Disneyworld – Mayberry, Billy Graham era of American Culture. May God HELP us, we are fast entering into the era when (QUITE LITERALLY), HE will be our ONLY HOPE!