How to prepare your family to survive and thrive in todays uncertain world

New and Noteworthy for Today, February 25, 2013

Here’s a bunch of links I saw today that I thought you might like.

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2 Responses to New and Noteworthy for Today, February 25, 2013

  1. “MESSAGING” was a VERY WELL WRITTEN, erudite explanation that clarifies the GENUINE needed motivations, that enable one to have a significant, (though HIGHLY CONTROVERSIAL) influence within the confines of one’s culture, and, as well, on the influence of “popular wisdom”.

    I’m sorry to say, but this Nation’s “popular wisdom” has shifted from the Godly influences, to the Godless influences, and is presently encouraging charging, full speed ahead, into the consequences of such a social moral/ethical shift!

    And, as the proponents of godlessness gain traction & acceptance, thus shifting the “popular wisdom” principals even further away from the threads of Godliness, those who seek to please God are finding that their voices and influences are diminishing radically & thus, SOME of us are beginning to realize that our convictions, as well as personal life choices, are becoming dangerously unpopular and controversial.

    “Preppers” are (presently), one of the “hot buttons” that quickly instigate amazingly powerful negativity in a LARGE portion of our populace. Also, Christians, (especially those that wish to raise their children in accordance with the Scriptures), are finding themselves more and more marginalized, vulnerable to, (verbal, printed, and even Judicial), attack, and social ostracism.

    What we’re experiencing folks, is the precursor to the “Message of Jeremiah” times, right here, right now…God is allowing individual choice, prior to His judging those National choices…(though, quite frankly, I fear that we, as a people, MIGHT have just made the last significant choice…and it was for anti-Christ, anti-biblical, and anti-God degradation of our Nation).

    Thus, it behooves me to simply suggest that a study of the books of Jeremiah, Zechariah, and Ezekiel, (in relation to Jesus’s admonitions in Matt. 23), will assist you in determining WHAT course to take.

    And, of course, the FINAL ARBITER MUST BE DESPERATE PRAYER, seeking Jesus’s PERSONAL counsel to your PERSONAL family, as to what HE considers the best options, choices, and methods, as well as timing, for you. This is also a VERY GOOD time to memorize, and review often, Psalm 91. May the Lord bless & keep you, EVERY ONE!

    • As with Jesus’ command to “Go into all the world…” most people will agree with your words and will also ignore them. After this last election, I’ve given up hope for the nation and am instead focusing on my family. Sorry, but its time to stop talking about the “big picture” and start focusing on the everyday, mundane tasks needed to make the best of an increasingly bad situation.