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New and Noteworthy for Today, January 2, 2012

Here’s a bunch of links I saw today that I thought you might like.

  • "OK, That Was Awesome!"
    Those are screenshots from this CBS News piece about the increasing number of female shooters in the U.S. – up 47% since 2001, according to the piece.  The shooter is CBS’s Katrina Szish, and I suspect that was her first experience with a firearm.

    It probably won’t be her last.

  • "Atlas Shrugged" was a Warning, not a Manual: Campaign Fund Raising
  • "The 40 Best Protest Signs of 2011"
  • The "Flash Crash" threatens to return
    As if we didn’t have enough economic bad news to worry about already, what with out-of-control deficit spending by the US government, the Euro crisis on the other side of the Atlantic, and China’s economy showing signs of hitting the wall as well! Oh, well . . . Happy New Year to all investors, I guess!
  • I guess they hoped we wouldn’t notice . . .
    In fiscal 2011, the cost of the promises grew from $30.9 trillion to $33.8 trillion. To put that in context, consider that the total value of companies traded on U.S. stock markets is $13.1 trillion, based on the Wilshire 5000 index, and the value of the equity in U.S. taxpayers’ homes, according to Freddie Mac, is $6.2 trillion. Said another way, there is not enough wealth in America to meet those promises.
  • More Ways to Keep the Kids Busy
  • How quickly was that help supposed to come?
  • A Non-violent Revolutionary Proposal
  • Voting For Our Perpetual Enslavement
    If you vote, and you base your vote on the idea that the politician you are voting for has suggested some policy or platform that involves using tax dollars to achieve it, you are complicit in your own slavery.
  • 40 Years in the Desert
    You see, it so happens it’s 40 years since the 1960s radicals, like Bill Ayers, and his crowd, took over education.  It’s long enough for the generation that taught any real values to have died off (or retired) – for the most part.  It’s long enough so that every kid coming out of the public schools in the USSA has been marinated in socialism for their entire education – provided largely by educators who have marinated in socialism their entire lives.
  • How much is Enough?
    Surviving the next phase or two of our downward spiral will take more than food, batteries and ammo.
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