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New and Noteworthy for Today, November 6, 2012

Here’s a bunch of links I saw today that I thought you might like.

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4 Responses to New and Noteworthy for Today, November 6, 2012

  1. ■Divided States of America: Notes on the Decline of a Great Nation – SPIEGEL ONLINE

    Did you read the above article before you included it in your list of links? While I would really like to read, well researched, balanced articles, this one definitely leaned left in my opinion.

    • Sure did. And considering it’s from Germany, a left leaning bias is to be expected. I think most of the problems are valid, though many of the reasoning and “facts” behind why things are issues aren’t quite reality from where I sit.

      I don’t always agree with the things I include in the list. But I do find many of them thought provoking, and I don’t want to be the guy that tells people how to think. So I present things without editorial comment or bias in these lists. The main criteria for inclusion is that it made me think, or I learned something, or it was an interesting take on something that’s different from mine.

      • Rudy … your reply to Donna is one of the primary reasons {among many others) I read ‘with-interest’ every posting you list on “New and Noteworthy” – thanks again for your work. You are one of the few willing to select & have that selection be comprehensive and include those items that do-in-fact make us (you) think.

        • Thanks Doug … It bothers me when people try to spoonfeed me just what they think is truth. I’m a smart guy, and I can figure stuff out. Just give me the information.

          I think most of my readers fit into that category too, so I try to provide the same courtesy.

          Most of us recognize that everything written anywhere comes from a bias. There really aren’t any unbiased sources of anything much anymore. Even numbers and stats can’t always be trusted.

          That makes it even more critical to have differing viewpoints to inform yourself and make decisions.

          It’s a sad intellect that can’t handle hearing opposing views, and that isn’t open to changing your views (slightly or alot) at all based on facts or opinions you hear.

          One of the few times you’ll hear me quote Keynes, but he said something appropriate here …

          “When my information changes, I alter my conclusions. What do you do, sir?”