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Newsletter – 1/31/2011

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Welcome to the newsletter for the week of January 31! In today’s issue we’re going to cover a few tidbits from my beekeeping class on Monday nights. I’ll also share some of my raw and unfiltered thoughts about what’s going on in Egypt. Finally, I’d be completely remiss if I didn’t talk about the recent developments in the world of health care reform.


Well, like I planned, we picked up a couple varieties of raw local honey at the apiary supply store, and it was enjoyed by all. My youngest doesn’t like biscuits but tonight the combination of Moms biscuits and the fresh honey had him scarfing it down once he gave it a try.

I still plan on writing a longer post about my class, probably a semi disjointed summary of the notes I took. But in the meantime, here’s a few interesting tidbits.

Something that’s particularly important for new beekeepers like myself is preventing your hive from swarming due to overcrowding. A neat rule of thumb for predicting your hive size is to take a look at how many frames of capped brood are present in your hive. For every full frame of brood you’ll end up with three full frames of worker bees within 12 days. You can use this math to predict how much free space you need in your hive at any one given time.

Occasionally you’ll need to merge a couple hives or in some other way go from two queens to one. The super secret trick here is to take two deep hive bodies, and decide which queen you want to keep. Place the body with the keeper on top of the other, with a sheet of newspaper in between. The bees will knock off the lower queen and keep the upper queen. Fascinating!


By now I’m sure you’ve all seen what’s going on in Egypt. Talk about social meltdown and chaos! It is extremely instructive and informational to see what could happen when people lose confidence in the government.

You’ll observe that there is a complete breakdown in law and order going on there, with rampant looting, rioting, and people setting up their own neighborhood security patrols.

The police have vanished and the military has been mobilized. They’re firing on rioters. The hospitals are running out of medical supplies and food and water is pretty much gone.

This could absolutely happen here, and you should absolutely be prepared for this to happen. You’ll have to take care of yourself in just about every way. And don’t count on being able to communicate broadly. It’s trivial to shut down the Internet, cell phone networks, and regular telephone landlines. Plan your alternative communication methods now!


This week a second federal judge has ruled against Obamacare. The first ruling a few months ago was simply against a specific aspect of the law. The ruling this week goes much farther.

This judge has ruled the entire bill unconstitutional and threw it out. While this is obvious to most of us, it’s a clear ruling against the broad interpretation of the Commerce Clause and the General Welfare Clause of the Constitution. Specifically, the court rejected the idea that the Federal Government can mandate insurance coverage to all citizens.

I got a particular kick out of the judge quoting Obamas own words in support of throwing out the law. In 2008 Obama was arguing against Hillary’s health care proposal which required an individual mandate. To quote: “if a mandate was the solution, we can try that to solve homelessness by mandating everybody to buy a house.”

In an interesting twist of fate, Obama has said that he will be defying the court ruling. He hasn’t bothered to file an appeal and ask for a stay of the ruling. The judges opinion very clearly states that the ruling is binding and injunctive. And the White House says it will be ignoring the ruling.

Folks, this is a big hairy mess. By black letter of the law, a case can be made that continuing to push the implementation of Obamacare despite a Federal Judge tossing it out is a seditious conspiracy.

This is the stuff revolution is made of.

Well, That’s All, Folks

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