How to prepare your family to survive and thrive in todays uncertain world

My Nightmare

I’ve said for quite some time that one of the biggest things that concerns me beyond the general economic issues we’re facing right now is pandemic illnesses.

See, I feel like I have a reasonable amount of control over our families economic situation. But knowing how fast a cold spreads through a school and all the families of the kids at school gives me pause.

I don’t know what it is about a pandemic that makes it so darn scary. Maybe it’s the unseen enemy aspect of it, or the fact that anyone you come in contact with, including those you love the most, could carry it and infect you.

There aren’t all that many scenarios that have you penned up in your house without being able to go outside at all, but this is one of them. Especially if you’re in the burbs or the city.

If a pandemic hit, are you prepared to live in your house for several months … call it six months … without leaving?

How will you pay your bills?

What happens if your water or utilities go out?

Do you have enough food and water stored?

What about medical supplies?

But it’s worse than that. Since you have to be careful about going outside, that means that your garden may not yield for you, and if that’s part of your core preps, now you need a backup plan.

In this case, being rural will help, as will having a larger city lot. Since you need to avoid any sort of contact with people, the more space you have the better.

Pandemic is no joke. There are medical researchers out there predicting that a 1918 Influenza style pandemic today would kill off almost 2,000,000 people in the US alone. And that’s with a fatality rate of about 2% and about 30% of the population getting sick.

A marginal increase in either rate has a dramatic impact. Just going from a fatality rate of 2% to 4% DOUBLES the number of people that die.

If 4 million people die in this country, that’s over 1 in 100. And oh by the way … another 30 folks of that 100 were sick. There are doctors out there predicting up to 10,000,000 deaths if a new influenza pandemic hit. And the models don’t seem all that out there to this lay person.

Serious stuff. And made more serious when we realize the type of medical research that’s going on.

But hey, our government has these things locked up tight, right?

Sleep tight….

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