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Odds and Ends, and a Request

I figure it’s time to give you a brief update on what’s going on in our life and a few things that are coming down the pipe.  I also have a request at the end!

First, on my job situation.  The current employer hasn’t improved any, and I’m not sure that they will.  I’m currently on reduced pay and may be completely out of a job on the 15th.

However … earlier this week I got an offer from a different company.  We’re still in conversations and I expect a final contract offer from them Friday or Saturday.  So that’s good!

Next, over the next couple weeks we’re going to be laying out a site plan on our land.  Lots of stakes, some twine to help mark stuff off, and marking paint galore.  Having stuff actually physically there will help quite a bit with the visualizations and it’ll also make it more “real” … it’s also a good opportunity to get the kids involved more.

We’re also starting to batten down the hatches for winter, which hits here with a vengeance in a week or two.  It’ll be chilly out, and we may see snow soon.  Gotta make sure everything’s all ready.

As far as the blog goes, I’ve got a couple things coming that you’ll be interested in.  Quite a few folks have given me books and such to review lately, and I’ll be posting a number of reviews over the next couple weeks.  Some of them will have giveaways along with them, which is always exciting!

I’m working on a couple side projects that are related to this site, and should be pretty interesting.  I’ll probably have more details on them later because I want to ask you a few questions about them, but that’s down the road.

Finally, if you’re a blogger and you aren’t on my blogroll already, please send me an email or leave a comment here.  I want to make sure to link to you as my thanks to you for reading!

Oh yeah, that request.  It’s an easy one … I’d consider it a personal favor if you would tell a few people about my website and send em  over to visit.  If you don’t feel comfortable with that, that’s ok too, but share another prepping website with them instead.

Since we’ve decided as a country to head for the cliff at 120 mph instead of 80 mph, time grows shorter.  Getting other folks prepared and introducing them to this mindset is one of the biggest things we can do …  It helps them, and it helps us too.

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6 Responses to Odds and Ends, and a Request

  1. Praying for you and your family about the job change. I pray God’s best and perfect will, if this is not the job He wants for you I pray He show you clearly and quickly.

  2. Good Luck on the job hunt.
    I enjoy you website because it is a great source of info.
    I think you should have a Store for the things you use and recommend.

    I am trying to buy some land, just in case. I would like more on the whys and how to’s of your search.

    Don Ruane GA.

    I will spread the word in my tribe.

  3. Remembering you and your job situation in my prayers…

    Thanks for asking for the links. I don’t blog but often instead of sleeping, I read. I follow the links to blogs from blogs such as yours. Sometimes, while drinking coffee with my brother in the morning, he asks me if I spent the night in rabbit hole, and what I learned. It’s great to have new information to share, thanks for letting people link their blogs. And to all the bloggers, THANK YOU.

    My success at getting people to read the information that is out there, to help them prepare for what is ahead, has been quite limited, but in the last two days, things have changed and people know they have less time.

    Thanks again.