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Is the Swine Flu Pandemic Going to Kill Us All?

These pigs wouldn't hurt you, would they?Right now there is a wave of some sort of cold or flu rapidly progressing through the Kearney household.  As you parents know, that means that we get less sleep while we stay up to tend to our sick kids, which in turn reduces our immune system and then we get it.  And nobody likes that.

While I sit up tending to my kids occasionally while my beloved wife catches a few Zzzs on the couch (she looks too beautiful sleeping there for me to have the heart to disturb her) I thought I’d jot down a few thoughts on the current pandemic worries that are all the rage.

Is the Swine Flu really as bad as they say it is?

I’ll be honest.  I don’t buy into the hype around the swine flu right now.  I just don’t see any credible evidence that it’s worse than the seasonal flu strains that ravage the population every year.  Except they don’t ravage the population.  Folks get flu shots, some folks get sick, and every year a few people die.  The most common casualties are those with weak immune systems (small children and the elderly) and the already sick.  It happens.

According to the CDC, you have between 5 and 20 percent chance of coming down with the flu on any given year.  Call it 12.5%, which means that about 37 or 38 million folks get the flu every year in this country.  Of which 40,000 die.  A mortality rate of about 0.1%.  To save our brains, I asked my kid to do the math, and she says that your chances of dying from the regular run of the mill flu in a given year is

0.01%, or about 1 in 750,000.  For comparison sake, you are more likely to drown in your bathtub (1:685,000), win an olympic medal (1:662,000) or be struck by lightning (1:576,000).  God forbid you drive a car since your chances of dying in an accident are 1 in 18,585.

Anyways, back to swine flu.  As I said before, I haven’t seen any real credible evidence that the swine flu has a higher mortality rate.  There were scary numbers coming from Mexico, but once the swine flu hit the US that scary mortality rate hit the floor.  A credible theory I’ve heard for this is the difference in the quality of medical care we have here vs in Mexico.  Based on current CDC numbers, your chances of dying so far this year due to Swine Flu is 1 in 43,227,666.

Pretty good odds, if you ask me.

Well great, nothing to prepare for!

Not so fast.  The big problem with swine flu is the panic.  Remember bird flu?  Or what about SARS?  None of these caused any significant amount of deaths, but boy was the media in a tizzy about it.  Doom and gloom on every channel and radio station.  That is the big danger in my mind.  Panic, frenzy, and outright paranoia based on awful news reports.  Think quarantine here.  Are you prepared for a quarantine situation?  The World Health Organization is calling it a pandemic.  What happens if the ‘Powers That Be’ decide that we should proactively quarantine in place.  Couldn’t happen?  Have you heard about the potential for mandatory vaccinations yet?

Vaccination?  Sweet, I get the flu shot every year anyways…

Well, this is definitely the cause of great consternation.  I don’t like having things shoved down my throat any more than anyone else does.  The thought of being forced to get a shot that I don’t necessarily want to have just chaps my hide.  I don’t even get a flu shot most of the time.  That said if you sit and think about it we all have had plenty of vaccinations in our life time.  Our kids have as well.  Sure there’s a reaction sometimes, and sometimes people get seriously sick from them, but by and large they’re a good thing.  Heard of anyone coming down with polio lately?

On the flip side, there are folks with significant concerns about the mandatory vaccine.  One of the best posts I’ve seen on it was written by Kellene over at Preparedness Pro.  Go read it when you’re done here.  The one issue I have her post is #4.  My little sister is a nurse and I asked her about Thimerosal, and apparently this is used widely in quite a few medicines and vaccines.  I personally don’t know anything about it, and you should do your own research and decide for yourself.

For the record, I don’t plan to take the vaccination.  My wife and I are still talking about the kids, but I don’t plan to take it.  Not really because I’m paranoid but because I usually don’t take it anyways.  The flu sucks when you have it.  But since the vaccine companies are rolling the dice when they decide what strains to vaccinate against in any given year, I’m willing to take my chances.

What about that quarantine?

Another topic for a future post!  Sorry, it’s late and I need some sleep to be able to tend to sick kids tomorrow.

Rudy’s Completely Off Topic Recommendation: Since we’re talking about pandemics and all, I thought I’d recommend a board game my wife and I love to play called, oddly enough, Pandemic!  It’s a fun cooperative game and it’s wonderful fun.  My mother even enjoyed playing with us the last time we had our Sort Of Regular Kearney Family Camping Trip.  Anyways, check it out, you might like it!

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4 Responses to Is the Swine Flu Pandemic Going to Kill Us All?

  1. You know I agree – and my biggest reason for also not wanting the vaccine is that it is largely untested. SOmeone was telling me recently about the last “swine flu” vaccine they put out that ended up killing more people than the actual flu itself.

  2. One of the biggest ways that governments control the masses is through fear. I agree…and don’t see anything out of the ordinary on this swine flu. Always seems to be “something” huge that the govt uses to convnce us how much we really need them. So much hype and fear…and then when we don’t respond appropriately to their viewpoint, they start heeping on condemnation and shame for being parents that don’t care…etc….

    In my view this will continue to get stronger and larger. They will want to control every aspect of my life and that of my family. And if i am in disagreemtn…watch out.

    No….i won’t go the way of the masses and won’t be influenced by these fear and shame tactics.

  3. Quarantine is certainly something to think about. There’s being stuck in a quarantine/martial law type situation, with either a real germ or a real government based threat, and there’s having to quarantine yourself/loved ones when the powers that be don’t/won’t/can’t do it effectively, or to keep yourselfs out of g-men quarantine situations. While I think a global pandemic is possible, it’s more probable that something deadly could happen locally, like the swine flu death rash in Mexico. Maybe it takes a minute to be identified, or local resources are overrun, or your family is particurly hard hit, but a less lethal agent could be as big a threat to you personally.

    A member of my family has a medical condition that precludes all but the most essential vaccines and although it doesn’t weaken their immune system, makes them at a higher risk for complications if they do get sick. We may need to quarantine ourselves when others do not. We have stocked pre-cut and labeled plastic sheeting and duct tape to seal off the house, an inner super-sealed room, and an exterior airlock room on the patio, as well as N-95 masks, shoe covers, gloves, body fluid splash masks, spray and squeeze bottles for water and disinfectants, a few buckets of ready to eat foods packed and sealed as sterily as we could, multiple sets of sheets and blankets sterilized and sealed in those giant ziplock bags you vacume the air out of to compress, and sets of full coverage scrubs we can tape to gloves and boots to get a full body seal, as well as a beefed up medical supply. We’d like to get some of those actual quarantine suits that block smaller particles than the scrubs, independant air supply masks or a higher filter standard, a wider range of medications, and a better bug out quarantine unit. Right now we have something called a survival tube tent, a 15 foot tube of plastic you suspend from a single taut line to form a pup-tent size/type structure, and duct tape to jury rig a quarantine on the road.

    Oh yes, and we have body bags for the entire family plus. Cause I don’t want my decaying juices to get them sick. :)