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Perfection or “Good Enough”?

I know I’ve written about frugality before, but I wanted to touch on something my dad and I talked about this morning.

We went back out to the Farm for the weekend. A grand time was had by all, even though there was a massive thunder and wind storm that rattled bones and threatened to tear the awning off of our trailer (I got it down in time, getting soaked to the bone in the process)

In any case, my dad and I were chitchatting this morning about some of the logistics involved with building our house. I may or may not have mentioned it before, but Dad is a custom home builder, with many years in the construction business.

We were discussing how the major costs involved with building homes are with the finishes you put in, anot not so much the shell. And how many folks that he knows have made decisions on interior finishes that have significantly impacted the bottom line of the home build.

Not to say that these decisions are wrong … it’s just money. And people can choose whatever they want to do with their own ducats. But often times the difference between a $4,000 kitchen and a $12,000 kitchen isn’t something that you’ll notice all that much, for example.

I think there’s two lessons here. The obvious one is when building a house, make sure that you know where to spend the money, and to do it where it makes sense … and save money where it doesn’t!

The second lesson, and to me the more important one, is knowing when it’s “good enough” … and this is something that is broadly applicable for everything we do. At some point in time, the costs involved (whatever they may be, not always $$) outweigh the benefits you get. This works for building houses, prepping, food storage, work projects, etc.

I tend to have a hard time with this … I like to do things perfectly. Except perfection is impossible, which is a lesson I tend to teach myself over and over again.

So bottom line here, good enough is good enough, and perfect is impossible. Get to good enough and move on!

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4 Responses to Perfection or “Good Enough”?

  1. In from the gardens and I was reading your blog. “ducats” …… thank you for my “word for the day”.

    Knowing when “it’s good enough” is a difficult lesson to learn, but once learned it is so much easier to adapt our lives to living a better, frugal lifestyle.

  2. Glad you saved your awning. They’re pretty nice to have. We have just sold our current farm and are in the market for a new place. Many decisions – bare land or house, does it have fence or do we have to do that, barns, hay fields there or can we make them or buy other property with enough to hay? We’re blessed to have been able to make an agreement to be able to stay here until my garden is harvested. That was one of the conditions of the sale. It’s exciting but I’m NOT looking forward to moving a whole farm! We’ll be on a very tight budget. We’ve even discussed living in a barn or other structure (with 5 kids) if we need to. I don’t think I’ll be to worried about perfection! Just a good solid roof over our heads.

  3. The place to spend extra money during construction is in the foundation, insulation, wiring, plumbing…things that are not easy if even possible to change once the house is done. You can always change the kitchen cabinets but adding ‘R’ value to the walls is a whole different deal.