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A Personal Update

So I want to take a few minutes tonight and write up a brief update on us, the blog, etc.

As you may have noticed, real posts have been a bit sparse the last couple of weeks. We had a plague sweep through our home resulting in almost everyone getting a stomach flu. Didn’t get much sleep.

Then my sister in law and her husband were in town for a week, so most of my time went to socialization, etc. And of course there’s the whole ‘changing jobs’ thing that affected my posting schedule.

However, now things are settling down as I wrap up one job and ramp up the new one. So back to my normal posting schedule!

If you’re new around here, I usually try to make two posts a day, Monday through Friday. One post is an article about some preparedness related topic. The second is a list of articles I found on the web that I thought I’d share.

Since I have a different way to make the links posts, sometimes if I can’t write a normal article, all you’ll see is the links post. Such is life, just bear with me when my time gets occupied elsewhere. Some folks who found me recently complained about the lack of ‘real’ posts this past couple weeks, so I wanted to make it clear how and when I post.

And don’t forget, I’m a dad with a giant family, so sometimes that takes priority…especially during baseball/volleyball/year-round-basketball season … aka right now.

Anyhow, that’s it … have a great week folks!

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