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Plans and Projects for 2013

building_plansSo I’m back into the swing of things after the holidays, and it’s time to talk a little bit about some of the things we’ve got planned for this year.  Some of them are related to the website, others are personal or family related.

Farm Infrastructure

So we have a few key bits of infrastructure that need to be nailed down this year at our farm/property/whatever.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, in a nutshell we have a bunch of acreage about half an hour from where we live right now.  We’re planning to build a house there and relocate as soon as possible.

Anyhow, infrastructure wise, the biggest thing we need to do is get the water system installed.  The plan here is to bring in a trackhoe to dig a trench from our dug well up the hill to where the cisterns go.

Then we’ll dig some additional trenching to handle supply to various building sites and animal or garden areas.  Then we lay the pipe and fill in the trench, and finish off by putting in a nice ‘ol well pump and off we go to the races.

A few other tasks are to overhaul the road to our building site.  It’s in pretty good shape about halfway up, but will definitely need some work to be a four season road.  We’ll also be putting in some fencing, some garden areas we can start using right away for crops that don’t need daily tending, and hopefully some trees as well.

Building The House

This is one of the biggest projects this year.  We’re closing in on a final plan, and then we start building.  I don’t know for sure how we’re going to pay for it yet, but we’ll figure out a way.  Even if it takes longer than we expect, which it most likely will, we’ll get there.

The two stages of the construction I absolutely want to get done this year are digging a hole and pouring the foundation, followed by completing the shell of the house (roof, walls, windows, etc)

If we can finish the whole thing, great.  I hope we are able to.

Plans and Projects for the Blog

I had some big ideas for this last year, most of which didn’t reach fruition.  Something about moving across the state, switching jobs a few times, and getting acclimated in a new home are pretty hard core and disruptive towards productivity.

However … there’s hope!  I have a couple of key projects that will be coming soon.  And, I have found someone who I can work with on some of them, so there’s even more hope that they’ll actually get done.

The first project is a service that helps you with tracking, inventorying, and planning out your preps. Lots of details on this one soon.

The second will be a storefront of sorts where you can get copies of the books I’ve written over the last couple years.  See, I have a bunch of books that I’ve put together, but never released.  Now I’ll be releasing them.  Hooray!

More details on those projects as we go along and get a bit farther.

I still haven’t decided how often I’ll be posting this year, so I’ll probably stick with the daily schedule for now, with maybe a few days skipped here and there.

Finally, I’m hoping to do a giveaway at least once a month this year.  I’ve already got some good stuff lined up.  This will be fun!

In closing, two requests … first, email me with your questions!  They’re great, and I love answering them.

Second, leave a comment here and let me know what your plans are for this year.

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5 Responses to Plans and Projects for 2013

  1. Rudy…

    Happy New Year!

    I’d like to hear more about your house plans…

    I’m developing a hexagonal yurt to be used as disaster relief housing in my area. Have been thinking of “enlarging” the plans and using the hexagon foot print as a model for full time living. What I mean is that I just may build a bigger unit based upon my disaster sized unit and try to live in it…

  2. We sold our place and moved this fall and have a very rundown farm house, need to start the gardens from scratch, fence, build the barn, work on water supply, did I say fence?, paint after repairing the house. All on very limited funds. We did have a new tin roof put on and this place has a great cellar and cellar house. No insulation in walls or floors. Thank God for a wood and coal stove and a nearly endless supply of wood. My next thing is to order my first seeds to start. Tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, etc. for starters. I really need at least a small greenhouse. One step at a time and try not to feel overwhelmed! :) My girls still want that hobbit house!

  3. Rudy, sounds like you have a very busy year planned. Hope you reach your goals. I am going to continue to build my preps, find a place for a garden–if no luck with that, I will do containers again. Plus, trying to get more of my family to prep, at least a little. Good luck with your plans!