How to prepare your family to survive and thrive in todays uncertain world

All Prep and No Play Makes Rudy A Dull Boy

It’s way too easy to focus completely on prepping and lose sight of the fact that even though we’re preparing for things to go wrong in some way, life continues in the mean time.

Bottom line, it’s important to make sure that you don’t forget about having a life.

Everyone should have hobbies and interests beyond focusing on preparedness.

Now these interests don’t necessarily have to be completely unrelated to prepping … feel free to choose things that may have future implications.

For example, I enjoy woodworking and beekeeping. My wife enjoys sewing and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.

None of those things have any sort of immediate impact on our preps, but they certainly broaden our capabilities as a family unit if something were to go down.

As opposed to, say, gardening, which we both enjoy and has immediate impact to our food sustainability.

It’s equally important to pick up new skills and interests along the way. From time to time experiment with new things. For example my wife is learning how to make soap. An interesting hobby and a valuable skill to have, even if she doesn’t make soap regularly.

Other skills on our pick up list are emergency medicine, ham radio, orchard maintenance, and more. All of which fit the ‘useful hobby’ category.

What hobbies do you have that fit the bill here?

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4 Responses to All Prep and No Play Makes Rudy A Dull Boy

  1. my hubby and i go horse camping- we have a trailer with living quarters but the places we go have primitive camping- so we have to provide our own power and water. my husband is a very good rider but i am not so i am learning to be a better rider and building up riding muscles- my son who is a hiker didnt realize how much work it is to ride a horse! we practice cooking on open fires and learning trail instincts. we havent treid an overnight on the trails with the horses but plan to soon- living out of our BOBs. we have always- before we became preppers? have had BOBs in our saddle packs even though we only rode for a few hours each day- we have always believed in being prepared for emergencies.
    we lived – because of circumstances – in our trailer for over a year and believe me we learned how much water it takes to live and keep clean and for the horses as they had no source of water then.
    we raise cattle- i dont know if that counts as a hobby- but it sure hasnt made us any money so i guess it does….. so we have learned to care for them when they are sick or weak and how much food and water it takes to raise them too

  2. In life you have balance in all things when one side becomes out of wack it will effect the whole family. I like to pick hobbies that are prep orientated like making candles but i also enjoy getting online and gaming… Thats my break from reality an my way ending the day… The wife and i like to go picking at our local goodwill’s and we/i can usally find prepping items there but she also likes to go the the mall and be a mall lookie loo… And we do it as a couple… No matter where we go somewhere in the back of our minds prepping is there. But we never forget to live. Prepping to me is like my worship… Always on my mind always on my lips and always in my heart so as i prep my soul for eternity i prep my family for the worldly..

    • RoyG- i like your attitude- my husband and i do most things together- we work together at our jobs and our free time is spent together- i assume you and your lovely wife have been married a long time as we have. i never understood when women dont like it when their husbands retire and they are “underfoot”. some people might say we are semi retired but we are just out of “work” right now but are happy- together.

  3. Elaine thanks for the complement… the wife and i do most everything together it’s just the way we have been for the 23yrs of our relationship… Our kids are old enough and doing theire own thing, collage and marraige and all. so we are kinda semi retired… ;-)… God Bless all and keep on prepping…