How to prepare your family to survive and thrive in todays uncertain world

Prepare For The Likely, Not The Rare

I found myself reading a book this week that styled itself as a ‘fictional textbook’ so to speak.  It’s one of those novels that is heavy on teaching.

That can be a good thing, but it can be a pretty bad thing too.  In this case it wasn’t so bad.  But that’s neither here nor there.

The setting of this book was a massive coronal mass ejection event resulting in EMP like destruction across the world.

An interesting doomsday scenario and one that is pretty unlikely to ever occur.

The problem is that there’s alot of folks out there that obsess about that sort of thing.

Another good example is the ‘Red Dawn’ type scenario, whether it’s the Chinese, or the UN, or whatever invading.

Once again, not something that’s particularly likely to happen.

Contrast that with some things that are more likely to happen.  Food shortages.  Pandemic.  Economic problems.  A new great depression.

Or things that are more personal.  Job loss.  Cancer or some other terminal illness.  A car accident.  Storms and other weather impacts.

Those things are all quite a bit more likely to happen to you.

Yet many people decide to focus their preps on things that probably won’t happen.

There’s something to be said about being ready for an EMP.  But not if it impacts your ability to prepare for things that are a bit more likely to happen.

The good news is that the vast majority of the things you’ll do to prepare for common occurrences will cover you for the unlikely disasters as well.

So keep reading the doomsday books if you like them … I do … but don’t let it guide your path.  Be pragmatic and be smart.

And like I’ve said before … Don’t live in fear.

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One Response to Prepare For The Likely, Not The Rare

  1. Well Said! I have been preaching the same thing for about a year now. It amazes me that so many people focus on such unlikely events, especially when we see so many more common things on such a regular basis these days. Tornadoes, Hurricanes, heat Waves with power outages, ice and snow storms with power outages… these are the reasons that I prep. Is there a possibility that I might have a need to bug out? Sure. Not a strong possibility though. Thanks for the post. Cheers JJ