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Preparing Our Land

Our Home Away From Home

I don’t recall if I’ve mentioned this before, but we have a 30′ trailer parked on our land.  Unfortunately it was in a temporary location that wasn’t near the location we have picked out for our future home.

Picking Out And Preparing A New Camp Site

So last year we decided to prep a new location for our trailer.  After a survey of the area near our building site, we decided on a nice flat area that would be perfect for our main garden once we move out there.  Until then though, that’s where we’d park the trailer!

So I spent a fair amount of time last fall on a tractor clearing out brush, rocks, small trees, and the like.  It looked a bit like this picture here when I started.

This brush is more than waist high in some areas!

Bah, Who Needs A Bulldozer?

Now a tractor isn’t exactly the ideal machine to use for this sort of thing, but honestly, we have it there, and we don’t own a bulldozer.  So I made do with what we have.  It actually did a pretty good job of it all, even though it was a bit slower than using a nice dozer.

After the clearing and leveling that was done, our new site looked like this picture.  Pretty big difference, right?

Such smooth pretty dirt!

Let’s Just Skip Through Last Winter…

The area we’re in is rather cold during the winter time, and we didn’t spend any time there at all.  No big surprise when you have tents for the big kids and a trailer for us and the little kids.

Fast forward to this spring, I went out to de-winterize the trailer for the year and finish the new site.  I had some final grading to do, but nothing major.  The big task was to take the old logging road between the current site and the new site and clean it up so I could drive the trailer over there without bottoming out.  That’d be bad!

Yes, primitive, but very workable.

Mud?  No Way!  We want GRAVEL!

The final task before moving the trailer was to put down a nice gravel pad.  The last several years we’ve been on dirt, and it gets extremely muddy.  And that’s an understatement!  So I brought two dump truck loads of gravel.  Unfortunately the dump trucks couldn’t get all the way up to the site because the ground was too wet.

It's hard to tell, but those ruts are eight or so inches deep!

So I spent a full day hauling the gravel up to the site with the tractor, one bucket at a time.  I spread it out with the tractor’s back blade and rake while my Dad was kind enough to pitch in with a hand rake for some fine tuning.  Thanks Dad!  At the end of the day I had a fantastic looking pad.

We used a fairly fine gravel for the pad base. It's about six inches thick.

Who Put This #$%&@ Well In The Middle Of The Road?

Finally we were ready to move the trailer.  It was a precarious time.  Because of how the old site was set up, we actually had to back the trailer down the road halfway to the new site.  Doesn’t sound that bad until you realize that we’re talking about 800 feet.  And did I mention that since the trailer went IN, a new well head had been placed right in the middle of the road?  Yeah, it was a fun time.

But we made it the 1/4 mile or so to the new site and settled the trailer into the new spot.  It looks great, and we love it! We spent a ton of time there this year and it’s been fantastic.

This year’s project was a bunk house for the kids … keep your eyes open for a few posts on that one soon!

Success! What a great feeling!

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One Response to Preparing Our Land

  1. Rudy, it’s great to see you back posting again. I’ve lived a few years longer than you but you’ve taught me a lot about food storage and other things. Your family place looks great–I’m sure you’ve all enjoyed it. Looking forward to hearing more about your place and seeing more info on getting ready for whatever may come.