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A Project Delayed, But Not Denied

ConstructionAs you can probably tell by the month since my last post, I’m insanely busy right now.

When we found out last fall I had cancer, it was right at the time we were going to begin building our house on our property.  In fact I had my surgery the day we had scheduled to pour our foundation.

Needless to say we had pushed out that foundation pour a few weeks so that we could see what happened with me.  When the pathology report came back confirming cancer and the decision was made to begin chemotherapy we decided to put the whole construction project on hold until this spring.

Well, this spring rolled around and I was in remission.  Not feeling perfect of course, but hanging in there.  I called my builder to get updated quotes on materials and labor, and started the ball rolling again.

And then I got a call from the guy we’re renting from.  Last year he’d gotten divorced, and the tax implications of that resulted in a need for him to sell the house we’re renting.

Suddenly the flexible timeline we were working with for construction became a whole lot less flexible, and so our plans had to change.  Quickly.

After a quick consultation with my contractors, we decided to build a largish shop building (pole-style) and put some living quarters into it.  We could get into that much quicker than a regular house, and cheaper as well.

Well, as soon as weather cooperated this spring we started off.  We’ve been at it for a few months now, and have a few months left to go.

Scheduling has been a nightmare, keeping my builder on task and on time has been a nightmare. There are days where I feel like I’m burning the candle at 6 ends, between day job, family, managing the construction, and doing ‘stuff’ there.  But it’ll all be worth it.

We’re paying for everything with cash, we’re not taking a mortgage or construction loan.  So there have been delays due to not having cash on hand, and there are a few things that have had to get pushed out until after we move in or just before we move, for cash flow reasons.  But again, that’ll be worth it too…

Thankfully the house we’re renting hasn’t sold yet, so that clock hasn’t run out yet.  We’ll have about two months to move once it does sell, so at this point we should be fine, time wise.

Boy will it be nice to have this done…

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5 Responses to A Project Delayed, But Not Denied

  1. Happy to see you are in remission. Life gets really complicated sometimes, but it seems you are working it all out. I only have weeks worth of “Mondays”, sounds like you have months’ worth. God loves you!

  2. Glad to hear that the cancer has been beaten back. I’m rootin’ for you, and getting the new place done enough before you have to move in. As we say up here in the frozen north, keep your stick on the ice!

  3. I’m so happy to hear your doing well. My husband has a form of cancer being controlled by a pill. He isn’t always up to stuff although you both sound alike. He never stops, no matter how he feels. I’m not comparing your cancers, I’m so happy you are in remission and your building plans are going forward!