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A Project Sprouts And Takes Shape

sns024Pardon the horrible pun in the title, but all will become pretty clear later on.

My wife and I have been discussing a potential business venture for a few months.  It started from a conversation with us and my parents.  We pondered it for a bit, came up with a spin on the idea, and this last weekend we decided to go for it.

Well get to it, Rudy, what’s the opportunity?

It all started with a conversation about a gap in the local farmers market offerings.  Some folks were selling starts, but nobody sold seeds.  Pretty much everyone picked them up at the local Walmart or hardware store.

But of course those weren’t locally selected for our region or anything like that.  So that was the initial ‘pull’ … selecting a few specific varieties of seeds that would do well in our area.

But then as we looked at it more and discussed it more, there was another little tweak.  Most packets that you get for your $3.50 or whatever have way more seeds than most folks will use in a given year, or even two years.

We’re not talking about hardcore gardeners here, but the average back yard gardener.  So we decided that a nice niche to poke at will be smaller packets that are sized just right for a single year, and at a price that is very attractive.  Probably about $0.75-$1 per packet.

We think this will do pretty well at the farmers markets, especially later in the year when the seeds aren’t in the store but it’s time for fall crops to go in.

However, we’d be remiss to keep it local.  So I’ll be doing some test marketing online as well to see if there’s a market for this sort of thing in other areas as well.  Should be an interesting experiment.  And well worth the investment, I think.  I know of someone around doing something similar on the Internet who’s making several thousand dollars a month.

Anyhow, keeping it brief tonight, but I hope you have a great week.

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4 Responses to A Project Sprouts And Takes Shape

  1. I’ve thought of doing the exact thing as you, reselling seeds or even growing them myself and selling them. You can even find “bulk” veggie seeds and buy it buy the pound and repackage and resell it.

    The problem is this is Illegal, unless you jump through hoops.

    There are seed laws in all 50 states. I’ve contacted my local Kentucky ag department with the same question as you about reselling seeds.

    They said I would have to pay a small permit fee, i would have to find the germination of all my seeds, i would have to keep a sample of each batch for something like 5 years, etc. (ever notice the date and batch stamped on seed packs from the store?)

    The laws are there to protect consumers, so you don’t go pick up a handful of seeds at the park and sell them as whatever.

    I know people sell seeds all the time without doing it legally just giving you a heads up if you wanted to stay legit, you probably need a permit and many other restrictions.

    I ended up abandoning the idea for now, i might do live plants soon, but that still requires a nursery license, inspection, etc.

    Good luck.

  2. Most state seed laws where created in the mid to late 30s. Over they years they have become draconian based on imput from the major seed companies who peddle GMO seeds. In NC it’s against the law to even give seeds away to family and friends or to trade them for other seeds or products. Though I have never heard of that being inforced in anyway. Just don’t let the major seed companies catch you selling any of their seeds or even having plants from their seeds if you didn’t purchase them. You WILL be taken to court and they always seem to win.

  3. Florida, where I live, has some very strict seed laws. After ordering “heirloom” tobacco seeds online, I gave some to a friend who has her semi commercial greenhouse inspected by state agriculture folks. He confiscated the small plants and wanted my contact info or at least the website from where I purchased the seeds and mentioned something about possible tobacco blight from “unsafe/foreign” seeds. Odd that our government fails to see the danger in GMO seeds. while other governments are banning them. Then again, Monsanto doesn’t lobby foreign governments the way they lobby ours. Dan is correct… careful.