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Projects and Plans For This Year

Today I want to switch gears a little bit and tell you about a few of the projects I’m working on. In no particular order, but all of them are either on the drawing board or in progress.

A New Food Storage Calculator

The current food storage calculator on my site is a bit crufty. It’s pretty straight forward, but makes quite a few assumptions.

I’m looking to provide a more flexible calculator in general. Right now I’m fleshing out the different features I want to have. If you’ve got any thoughts on what would go into a good food storage calculator, please let me know!

Why Do We Prepare?

We all have troubles communicating with people in our lives about the need to prepare. Sometimes it is a spouse, other times a sibling or parent, or maybe even just a friend.

In any case, these are folks that we care about. And we want them to buy in at some level to the reasons why we do what we do.

So this year I’ll be putting together a seminar (or maybe two or three) that run online and are targeted at folks that aren’t already bought into survival and preparedness. The goal is a gentle introduction to the whys and wherefores, the hows and the whats, with absolutely zero panic or paranoia.

This is one of those things that will be completely free of charge. It’s one of the things I’m doing this year to reach as many people as I possibly can.

Preparedness 101 Classes

Quite a few of you have told me you’re interested in having introductory level classes on various preparedness topics. So I’m working on classes that fit that bill.

Some of them will be free of charge, some of them will be for a nominal fee. Right now I plan to have video courses that you can watch whenever you want. They’ll include download options so you can download the video to your computer, or if you want just an audio version, you’ll get that too.

At the moment I’ve got half a dozen topics lined up, with Food and Water Storage at the top of the list. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see, let me know.

Tracking Your Preps

One problem we have, and I know quite a few of you also have, is keeping track of your preps, as well as planning out how to expand them.

I’m working on a system that will make this easy for you. It may be a while before it’s ready, and I’ll definitely talk about it more as it moves along.

But I wanted to let you all know about it.

What Do You Think?

Comments? Questions? Requests or Rants? Leave them in the comments!

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3 Responses to Projects and Plans For This Year

  1. Hi Rudy,

    I have also had a problem coming up with a reasonable system for determining how much to store. I went to your system and put in 5 adults and it said I need 126 lbs of pasta for 5 adults for 1 yr. That’s a lot of pasta !! I also did the math using the food storage calculations in WHEN TECHNOLOGY FAILS. For 5 adults I would need 13, 975 lbs of grains for 5 people for 1 yr. that’s just crazy !!

    I have come up with my own system using the servings that are on every product. Let’s use pasta. 1 lb of pasta serves about 8 people. Some people would say “Yeah, but who goes by those numbers?” Well, let’s remember, we will be in a ‘rationed’ situation so I will go by those numbers. I don’t expect us to get fat when the SHTF. we will eat but we will ration. So using the 8 serves / lb of pasta, let’s say 2x / wk for 5 people for 1 yr. – 2x/wk x 5 = 10 serves; 10 serves x 52 wks = 520 serves / 8 serves/ lb = 65 lbs of pasta for 5 people for 1 year. I can do 65 lbs of pasta; I have almost that now. I might even bump that to 70 or 80 to give myself a little wiggle room. the key to this is sitting down and deciding what you will eat and how ofter; pasta 2x/wk, rice 3x/wk, soup 2x/wk; that sort of thing. I have pasta (spagh, macaroni, penne, egg noodles), rice – I have 100 lbs of rice in buckets. my calcs. say I only need 78 lbs for 3x/wk for 5 for 1 yr. so I have alot more wiggle room there.

    Please let me know what you think. and anyone else out there. I don’t have the space the hundreds of lbs of storage and don’t even get me started on water !!

  2. Include in your planning the possibility of extra mouths to feed in an emergency as well. (Son/daughter shows up with their special someone in tow, the elderly neighbor is alone and family lives some distance away, the young mother down the road has small children and the hubby is out of town when “it” happens.)

    Extra rice, dried beans, pasta, dried milk powder, flour/salt/sugar/oil could make a big difference in stretching limited resources. Most can be repackaged into charity packages if necessary to help those in your neighborhood without having to feed them in your home.

    I can sympathize with the storage space issues! Where we live there are no basements or root cellars for storage due to a high water table so it’s spread throughout the inside living spaces.