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Another Quick Roundup Post

Today I’m going to post a roundup post of several different articles that have caught my eye recently.

Even Wal-Mart Feels The Crunch

Wal-Mart CEO Bill Simon was talking with the folks over at USA Today recently where he said that consumers in the United States face serious inflation very soon for clothing, food, and other retail products.

Their suppliers have finally started passing along the increased costs to them, which they will in turn have to pass on to consumers. He says this isn’t just limited to Wal-Mart, but is a broad problem across the retail industry.

These costs are primarily driven by raw material cost, labor cost, and fuel costs. He believes that we will start to see this hit in June of this year.

Read the whole article for more…

Yeah, Gas Prices Suck…So What?

In other news, gas prices have officially doubled since Barack Obama took office. The average cost of gasoline in this country was $1.79/gallon then, and now it’s running at a whopping $3.58.

The last twelve months have seen an increase in gas prices alone of over 19%, with a serious spike of 6.8% in the month of February of this year. If you do the math, you’re looking at a potential for $7.00/gallon gas if this keeps up.

Are you hearing anything about this in the media today? We had story after story when the gas price spike hit a few years ago, but this one is being swept under the rug. Why do you think that is?

Read the whole article for more…

The Empire State Rebellion Strikes Again

Remember that video I showed you a few weeks ago from the Anonymous Hacker Collective? They’ve released another one. I’ll embed it here with no further comment.

The Shadow Knows

Baron over at the Gates of Vienna has a series going that is worth reading. Called The Shadow Knows, he shares some of his thoughts on dealing with an economic collapse. A quote:

The crisis I’m describing will occur relatively soon, and many people who read this will still be alive when it comes.

What will life be like for you then?

What will be your part in it?

This is something for which we are all ill-prepared. Most of us have been trained to be part of global modernity, to be apprentice mechanics whose job it is to help keep the world-machine running. When it finally huffs out its last plume of steam and clatters to a permanent halt, we’ll be left standing there, useless monkey wrench in hand, lacking even the ghost of a clue.

What then?

Check it out. It’s worth the read.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five

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4 Responses to Another Quick Roundup Post

  1. Yes, it’s quite a mess, isn’t it? We’ve been preparing ourselves for two years to the best of our ability. We’re debt free, mortgage paid, living frugally and we’re by no means rich. When I asked my husband yesterday what would happen to so many Americans who have thus far not scaled back their standard of living, have ignored the signs, the rising prices, the turmoil in the Middle East, he thought that “rich” may be redefined. Those who have returned to the simpler life, returned to frugalism, have acquired new skill sets may be the new “rich.” At least in terms of surviving all this.

    • Good point, Lynda. Unfortunately the new “rich” will also become the new “villian” as the rich are always being blamed.

  2. I wonder how many “little red hens” are out there stocking up. I can count on less the 5 fingers friends and relatives who are preparing for leaner times. I do know, however, that the lazy dog, the sleepy cat, and the noisy yellow duck are going to be the first on my door steps when times become tough. My theory is to just keep going and “stocking up” and work harder.

  3. Kim, yes, it doesn’t seem to matter how we got where we are from where we’ve been. We still are criticized. I remember being poked fun of(however gently) by some of my former co-workers for nickel and diming it. Bringing my own lunch, coffee, and working a 4 day work week(10 hours a day, including Saturdays) to save 20% in gas and tolls in 2008 when gas prices were so high. They had the same chance. Oh, well.

    I like being a little red hen!