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Rabbit Starvation … Fact or Fiction?

Recently a reader sent me a question asking about the often repeated story about ‘Rabbit Starvation’

The story says that if you eat only rabbits, as in a survival diet, you’ll die of malnutrition. So why bother with raising rabbits?

The theoretical science behind this is actually correct. If you eat a diet of extremely lean meat with little else, you will eventually die of malnutrition and starvation. Your body converts protein to glucose, and it can only convert about 1000 calories worth. Hard to live on that.

But the body processes fat quite well, and can run on it just fine and dandy. If you add a bit of fat into that diet, especially if you have some vegetables or leafy greens to supplement with, you’ll be just fine.

And domestically raised rabbits aren’t so lean that there’s not plenty of fat on the body. Add to that the consumption of the organs and a rabbit is a rather healthy source of nutrition.

Just don’t go eating rabbits that are starving themselves, and you’ll be just fine.

Especially if you’ve got a small amount of greens to add in a few more nutrients.

Bottom line, if you’re eating rabbits you raised yourself, or wild rabbits that aren’t starving themselves, you’ve got NOTHING to worry about from the ‘Rabbit Starvation’ problem.

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One Response to Rabbit Starvation … Fact or Fiction?

  1. If you feed working dogs nothing but steak they would have the same problem but you feed them nothing but sheep meat and they will not only survive but prosper.