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On Being Resourceful

Had an interesting day today … my brother in law had picked up an old wood lathe or a song.  And when I say old, I mean old.

However, he wanted to refurbish it.  Our wives were hanging out and the kids were playing, so him and I went out to putter.

A few hours later, some degreaser, and a new motor, things were looking better.  Not perfect, but better.

We had to figure out some of the wiring through trial and error and heavy use of a multimeter.

There are unsubstantiated reports that there may have been a few occurrences of “Turn the head to the side when flipping the switch on” … but I can’t confirm or deny them.

In any case, the story is just a way to teach something, as many stories are.

See, neither myself or my brother in law are any sort of expert on wiring, motors, or that sort of thing.  We used what we had available, and above all used our heads to figure it out.

Trial and error, a bit of spit, a few strands of baling wire.

It really goes back to the article I wrote a few weeks ago about knowing how to tinker and knowing how to be a jack of all trades.  If your mind is right, you can figure most things out.

Now turn the corner a little bit.  Don’t just think about this from the standpoint of fixing up something, or improving it.  Think about it from a general troubleshooting and decision making perspective.

Take my current situation for example.  Job is over in a few days.  Not sure if I’ve got another one lined up or not.

I’ve got runway … we have some cash, and there’s still some money coming from that job no matter what.

I’ve got food, water, and a house to live in.

So I’ve got time.  And even though I don’t know how it’ll work out, I know it will, because I know I can use my head to figure out what I need to do to make the situation work.

Just like my brother and I figured out what to do to make the lathe work.

It’s a basic tenet of prepping … something you do in one area benefits you in many others.  In this example, being resourceful mentally and from a skills perspective can help you with the tangible (fixing the lathe) and intangible (dealing with imminent job loss)

In closing, get your mind right and keep it that way!


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2 Responses to On Being Resourceful

  1. My husband is a great one for tinkering. It’s great when you have someone to tinker with, though. I’m thankful he has that kind of mindset. And you’re right about applying it to other situations. We think differently but it makes us a good team! Right now we’re just hunkering down and waiting for the storm. Glad to not be worried about that!

  2. Have fun with your lathe but remember, it can be a dangerous tool. My father (born 1909) had an old wood lathe that was originally run by a foot pedal I think. He converted it with an electric motor that turned the belt. He had many years of pleasure out of it and made wooden bowls, candle holders, towel holders, trinket boxes, etc. and I still have many of them that I use daily. What wonderful memories I have of him working in his shop and the clean smell of the wood turnings. Blessings to you and yours.