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Rocks, Dirt, Worms and Weeds

Recently I’ve had a number of books sent to me for review. So you can expect a number of reviews coming down the pipe.

The first one will be a bit brief. It’s a review of a book called “Rocks, Dirt, Worms, and Weeds” written by Jeff Hutton.

When I first got this book I was expecting more of a How To book on gardening with kids. At first look, that’s really what it seemed to be about. It didn’t sound like something that would be up my alley since our kids already know how to garden for the most part.

But after cracking the book, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s chock full of crafts and activities that you can do with kids. Some are educational, some are just fun activities.

Overall, I felt there were quite a few good projects that you can do with your kids. A perfect book to have for those summers when your kids (or grand kids) aren’t in school and are needing entertainment.

You can get the book at Amazon, but I suggest you buy it directly from the publisher, Skyhorse Publishing. They’re a small publishing house that has a good selection of preparedness and rural living books.

I’ve said many times before that supporting folks like this is important, so please buy direct from them … Amazon doesn’t need your cut on this one!

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