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Rough Day Today

Well, the blog has been down a bit today, and I had to fight with it tonight again, so no big article.

I am not going to write some big thing about how awful the SCOTUS decision on Obamacare was, or anything like that either. Plenty of others have done that and will do that.

Here’s the deal though…

It’s irrelevant in every way except one.

The hill we’re rolling down, heading for the economic cliff, just got steeper. Around $2.5 Trillion steeper.

Please read a great article on the real impacts of this decision from the standpoint of a doctor with over 25 years of experience, written by my friend Doc Phillips over at Outback Medicine.

Got preps?

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One Response to Rough Day Today

  1. Why are we , the white working and middle class, too weak and stupid to organize ourselves for domestic political struggle. We must organize by the hundreds of thousands and march in the streets. We must protest and demand an end to this tyranny no matter what the cost. Why can’t we organize ourselves at the grassroots and train ourselves for resistance? If we are too cowardly, stupid and weak to do that, we and our children will perish as Obama’s communist slaves.
    The law and representative government is dead to us. The media is our communist enemy. We who built this nation are the target for slavery and genocide.
    I am ready. Get up off your asses you damn fools! Organize, train, protest, match, take it to the streets. Recover our Constitutional Republic or Death!