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Rudys Blog of The Week: The Survival Mom

Read The Survival Mom or this could be you!
Read The Survival Mom or this could be you!

I’m starting a new weekly series where I take a preparedness or survival oriented blog I read and highlight posts that I particularly like.  I want you, my faithful reader, to be exposed to the other great content that is out there in the preparedness blogosphere and go read the great work that others are doing as well.  It’s important that we all get a good broad education and be exposed to all kinds of views!

Blogger of the Week:  The Survival Mom

I’ve read this blog for a few months and have really enjoyed the content.  As a family blogger myself, the content that the Survival Mom puts out there resonates with us and we can absolutely relate.  She has a number of posts out there that take situations that you run into on a regular basis, such as family road trips, and tie them into a preparedness lesson that all of us parents can relate to.  I highly recommend that you add The Survival Mom to your regular reading list!

Today’s Featured Post

The first post I want to highlight is called Emergency Exits: Getting to a Safe Place in a Crisis.  It’s a great look at what steps you need to take to be prepared in case you need to Get Out Of Dodge (GOOD) in a hurry.  In it’s most simplistic form she is showing you what things you need to consider to be prepared to get home in case of an emergency or to get out of the area in case you need to evacuate.  I’ve said before that I advocate staying in place as much as possible but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be prepared to leave if you have to.  Sometimes staying just isn’t an option.

The steps she writes about are great ideas and cover a broad base of potential problems that you might encounter if you’re evacuating or trying to get home from work or the mall or whatever.  We’ve all seen the frightening evacuation pictures and videos of Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters.  Go read the post and apply it to your life to prevent yourself from ending up in the stationary traffic jam caused by everyone evacuating at the same time and in the same direction!

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