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Rudys Blog Of The Week: Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest

BlockbusterThis week’s featured blog is ‘Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest‘ and is a team effort from two guys named Ryan and a third guy named Chad.  This site has a bunch of interesting information and commentary and is a daily read for me.  Go check it out!

Here’s the ‘About Blurb’ for TSLRF:

We are three friends who started a blog. We write about survivalism, libertarianism, guns, politics and the world. We also tend to talk about whatever we feel like. One of us talks about preparedness, guns and precious metals a lot. Another conspirator talks about all sorts of complicated legal stuff because he is in law school. The third co conspirator is mostly silent but has evil intentions and designs. We like what we like, enjoy what we enjoy and don’t take **** off of anybody.

Today’s Featured Blog Post

For today’s featured post I want to highlight a recent post titled A Man’s Got To Know His Limitations. I don’t want to spoil it too much, but it really targets something I feel fairly strongly about: Being realistic about your preparations and what you can achieve.

This is really a key concept everyone should grasp. You do what you can with what you have. You should absolutely challenge yourself to do more than what you think you can and to expand your skills, abilities, and knowledge. This is where more people come into things.

Chances are if you read my site you have a family and a spouse, and your spouse and children are great ‘force multipliers’ to leverage. If you can link up with like minded family or friends so much the better. Besides, if the zombies ever show up you and your wife won’t be able to keep watch, keep up the house, and sleep at the same time. More is better!

Rudy’s Confession: Ryan’s struggle with video rentals rings home with me. I can’t even count how many RedBox rentals we’ve gotten for ‘just one night’ and have turned into a rather expensive DVD purchase of a movie we didn’t really want. Yikes!

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One Response to Rudys Blog Of The Week: Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest

  1. Hey Guys, Looking at lots of stuff on water collection but seeing that lots of ideas are about gray water. My first priority is collecting and storing drinking water. I think an NSF site talked about old houses with shingles being a problem because there may be asbestos issues. I did see an article called “Safe Drinking for All Through Solar Disinfection” from India by a Dr. Anumokonda Jagadeesh, using sunlight and discarded mineral water and beverage PET bottles in what is called a Solar Disinfection of Water system (SODIS), but that seemed more like something being used on a very short-term basis. Anybody got any ideas? I’m going to think about some plastic membrane of plastic that could be put on the back side of my house (on the roof that doesn’t show to the street) and then collecting in a more traditional way in large water containers. Keeping it reasonably clean might be a problem, and it would still have to be filtered or disinfected in some way–maybe using the method I discussed above and transferring the water of the smaller containers into the bigger ones for longer storage.