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Rudy’s Rules: Politics

This week and next I’m going to touch on some of the things I believe and the way I think.  I’m calling these posts “Rudy’s Rules” for lack of a better term.

These posts won’t take over everything this week, but there’s gonna be a couple of them.

This was brought on because I got an email from a former reader who was really upset with me and wanted to let me know that they were unsubscribing from my newsletter and why.

Their opinion was that my politics are way out there.

Which struck me as odd because I don’t generally talk about politics at all, except perhaps in passing.

So I figured I owe it to you to explain where I stand on a variety of things, one of which (and the first one I’m touching on) is politics.

So with no further ado…Rudy’s Politics!

I’ve always been a very independent person with a fairly conservative mindset.  I’m not completely sure where it came from, because my folks weren’t particularly political as I was growing up.

For many years I waffled back and forth between voting for Republicans and Libertarian candidates.  Occasionally I’d vote for a more conservative Democrat as well, but they’re pretty few and far between in Washington State.

But most of the time it was me buying into the Right vs Left, Conservative vs Liberal, Republican vs Democrat paradigm.

I once had a friend who was as staunch a progressive as I am a libertarian.  He actually became so angry that I disagreed with his belief on something that he refused to speak with me ever again.  He was a good guy for the most part, but was so blinded by the paradigm that he thought I was Evil because I felt differently about something than he did.

Realize that this paradigm is a way for the powers that be to manipulate us into passivity.  By providing a constructed artificial conflict for people to focus on, the People don’t notice that we’re all being fleeced like sheep.  I guarantee that the friend I mention in the last paragraph had more in common with me than not, but those blinders were on and that was that.

Somewhere along the way though the light popped on.  I started looking more at what I believe is right instead of what I’m told to believe.  And over the last ten years or so I’ve found my beliefs have rapidly solidified.

My guiding light was always something along the lines of “Leave me the heck alone, and leave everyone else alone too” … that meant low taxes, low regulation, bare minimum.

I guess you could call me a strict Constitutionalist.  I believe the promises and recognitions of preexisting human rights in that document are some of the best foundational precepts anywhere.

But those beliefs aren’t compatible with either major party.  They really aren’t all that compatible with the Libertarian party either.

See, the evil Democrats want to take my guns and control what my church can do or say.

And the vile Republicans want to put everyone but the 1% on the street living in boxes, and raise middle class taxes so they can sit and smoke stogies while they laugh at the poor “normals”.

The Democrats want to take my money and give it to Planned Parenthood.  The Republicans want to take my money and attack some random country with it for oil.

Except it’s all baloney.  Every bit of it.

After looking at what people in power at EVERY level are doing, every single one of them is after one thing.


They want to control you, me, and everyone else.  They want to control EVERYTHING we do.

Your local Home Owners Association Nazi wants to control what you can do with your house or how high you mow your lawn.

And the President wants control over everything you do.

Every single politician and bureaucrat in-between those two want the same thing.  Control.

And like I said, the best way to control people is to manipulate them into following a false dichotomy, providing an outlet for anger and a common enemy.

Going back to my main belief here is key.  I own my life, and I should control what I do.   I should make my own choices.

It’s a bit of a used up allegory, but the whole “Your right to swing your fist ends at my nose” is really a good illustration of this.

It’s a core responsibility of government and society to maintain that line in the sand and enforce societal sanctions for folks that break it.

So guess what … if I’m honest with myself and I look at the “Major Hotbutton Issues” then the whole Right/Left thing falls flat on it’s face.

Because they’re all the same, and everything they do is about control.

The so called differences are simply window dressing.

Obama has racked up a huge amount of debt.  More than all of the other presidents we’ve ever had, combined.

Guess what … ‘Ol Romney won’t change a darn thing about it.

Oh, they’ll talk a good talk, and pretend as best they can, but at the end of the day, they’re just milking us dry and expanding their control, no matter which party is in power.

Because that’s all it’s about … power and control.

I believe that the best way to fix this is to take back control over our personal lives and our families.  Gain independence from the systems they want us beholden to.

Every single carrot you grow, every single tomato you pick, reduces their control over you.

Every step you take towards self sufficiency and self reliance reduces their control over you.

Every time you go and help the neighbor fix up his fence, you’re building community.

They may try really hard to make Right hate Left, and vice versa.  But if you know your neighbor, and know who they are fundamentally that makes their task quite a bit harder.

It’s hard to hate someone who you trade garden vegetables with.

It’s hard to hate someone who you talk to on a regular basis.

It’s hard to hate someone when you both share a sense of community purpose, and are there for each other.

That’s how it used to be, and it can be that way again.

Bottom line though … Right/Left, Republican/Democrat … it’s all a smoke screen intended to mask the real agenda.  People in power, trying to gain more power, control, and money.

At the end of the day, that’s why I prepare.  Because I refuse to give someone else the power and control over my destiny, and my families destiny.

I’m a man.  I’m a husband. I’m a father.

I won’t be controlled, and I won’t be milked dry like some dairy cow.  Their paradigm is meaningless to me now.  I hope you’ll think about it after reading this and I hope you’ll come to similar conclusions.

Take the red pill, folks.  Wake up to reality, and don’t let yourself be manipulated ever again.

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9 Responses to Rudy’s Rules: Politics

  1. I love the Declaration of Independence and the united States Constitution, so you may call me anything you want.

    I agree that there is not a wit of difference between all the parties.

    I believe that all Americans want three policies enacted into Law, with the force of Constitutional amendments.

    1: Balanced Budget Amendment

    2: Fair Tax Amendment.

    3: Term Limits Amendment.

    Old Tom Jefferson said it best, “Do not talk to me of the virtues of Man, but bind then down with the CHAINS of the Constitution”.

    Don Ruane

  2. All of us reading your blog feel the same way ( or they unsubscribe). Being of “older wisdom”‘ I will say to you what I have said to my own children…….” now that you have said it out loud, I hope you feel better”.

  3. I prepare because the world and the USA is so far over the cliff nothing can save it. Everyone is play with Monopoly money and I believe real Monopoly money will be worth more than the greenbacks we use now.

  4. Well put Rudy.

    “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

  5. Just came across your article I must of taken the same red pill you did because were’re in agreement. I think to many people are taking the blue pill, or the purple pill [that what happens when you take both pills together], so they can continue to remain as sheepeople.