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Rudy’s New Year Non-Resolution

I hate doing year wrapup posts, or prediction posts. But I love reading them. Go figure.

Lately there’s been one of those confluence of events type things happening with my media consumption. I’ve listened to a number of podcasts and read several blog posts that have all pointed me in on direction. Some of these are recent, some are archived tidbits that I came across randomly.

Its times like these where it seems clear that God or the Universe, depending on your belief system, is telling you something.

The results?

I’ve given a fair amount of thought to what I want to do here on this website for the up coming year. And the last thing I want to do is come out with some new years resolution that won’t stick.

But for the next month, I’m going to be trying on a specific set posting schedule with certain topics for certain days. Clearly all of this is subject to change, but the outline I’ve got now is:

  • Mondays are How To days, with concrete actionable things that you can do today to improve your preps or your lifestyle.
  • Tuesdays will be Review days. I’ll post a review of a website, or a book, or a tool, or something like that.
  • Wednesdays are Series days, where I will have multi part series covering a topic in more detail than I could in a single post.
  • Thursdays for now will be Listen To Rudy days. I’m going to use Jack Spirko’s example and try to do some podcasting from the road. Not completely sure what the content will be, but you’ll get to listen to me talk about stuff.
  • Fridays will be lighter days, and will be more ‘Top 10’ type posts, around a certain topic. Not as in depth as a How To, but definitely something that gives you a few things to think about.

Of course daily posts with new and noteworthy links will continue to happen.

Rudy’s Note: ┬áIf you’re a blogger, writer, etc, and have something you’d like me to review, send me an email and we’ll work something out!

I’m also working on a couple of bigger projects that should be taking shape over the next few months. More about those later as they take shape.

Anyhow, let me know in the comments below what you think about this, and if you have one of those prediction posts of your own, drop a link in the comments as well so everyone can see it!

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6 Responses to Rudy’s New Year Non-Resolution

  1. That is so funny! I am doing the same thing. Instead of making a list of a bunch of resolutions I will probably break within the first month, I am going to focus and organize my energies. Each day of the week I am going to focus on a specific area in my life. I am still trying to get my days organized so nothing is set in stone. But I do know that if I focus on a certain project, consistently, on it’s assigned day, my survival preps will be more organized and come along a lot quicker.

  2. Hi Rudy,
    We have been working on our prepping for about a year now and feel we are heading in the right direction. Our biggest question is accessing our 100 foot deep well if the power goes down. Is there another way to access the water?

    Thank you for your help.

  3. You certainly are organized for 2012. I will enjoy reading and continuing to learn important information that you send us. Happy New Year.

  4. Just wondering if you are hearing of folks that are working in loose groups as the D day gets near?
    No, I do not want to join any but as I think of how to do stuff it means needing extra hand here and there for the big things.
    Example, are most just considering holein’ up or having a neighborhood watch sort of eyes out there and sharing what or who may be not friendly to have around in the hard times ahead?
    If it gets as bad as some of us predict we will need others to survive. HOw do we, or have some already planned for such an event?
    Some of us do not have family near and our neighbors may not likely want to guard our “stuff” if we need go for supplies or HELP.
    Are folks getting ready for this and how do they chose who to watch their back and guard the stash?
    We can not possibly go around 24/7 with all our necessary stuff in a buggy pulled by a team of horses.

    I ask this becauses we had to move about 450 miles away from our base and people we could trust to a new flat land
    area where we know zip.
    Yes, I know some will say just go back to your hills and stay. Not too realistic.

    • The short answer is yes, form relationships locally. That may mean your immediate neighborhood, or more broadly in your region.

      And it’s best to have more than one ‘group’ so that you have relationships with lots of folks.

      The worst thing to do is to plan to hole up by yourself with just your nuclear family. Won’t get you far in the long run.

  5. Hey Rudy,

    I too have been thinking on a plan of action. On the 31st I ordered $100. worth of food that comes pkged to store for about 20 years. I will continue to do this at least once a month. It’s a start. I have chickens, goats, and alpacas. I will learn to do something with the fiber from the pacas. This year I will have my raised garden and start to can as much as Ican. I am planning to talk to a few good friends inthe neighborhood to see if they have a plan and if not, I talk talk to them about a plan for the group. That’s it for now. Your site is great and I hope to learn more as the year progresses. I am looking forward to your, how to days. Also this month I plan on stocking up on ammo and do that at least once a month as well.