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Should We Stay or Should We Go?

You don't want to end up here...
You don't want to end up here...

Anyone who has read some of the survival and preparedness sites on the internet has undoubtedly read about people planning to ‘Bug Out’ or Head for the Hills when TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World As We Know It) strikes.  While the idea of striking out on your own, heading for the hills too hunt, gather, and trap for your survival may sound romantic to some, to me it sounds, well, outright foolish.  There’s actually a word for folks like that.  It’s called REFUGEE!

Head for the Hills!

The folks that plan for this, have their BOBs (Bug Out Bag), their BOVs (Bug Out Vehicle), their arsenal, and head for a spot in the nearest national forest that looked good on a map.  The problem there is that there’s far too many unknowns here.  You don’t know what’s between you and your new home.  You don’t know who else has decided to live in your new home.  You don’t know how much food and water will be available there.  Or what shelter will be available.  The list goes on!

There’s No Place Like Home!

As far as I’m concerned, the best place to be in an emergency is at home.  I know what I have there.  I’ve stored food and water.  I know the area, I know my neighbors.  I don’t have to worry about getting from point A to point B.  I can defend my home from zombies if need be.   My exposure to danger is lower.

Look for more posts in the future about the benefits and drawbacks to bugging in and bugging out.

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4 Responses to Should We Stay or Should We Go?

  1. I am new to the TEOTWAWKI concept, but as i see what is happening to our economy i am convinced SOMETHING has to give. I believe now that it will be a very quick downward spiral, especially after seeing what has happened in the last year. Seems like Obama has his finger in the dike and that won’t last long. I never believed this stuff before….but i am converting ( not all the way there yet). Just hard to believe that some of this really bad stuff can happen in the good ol USA. I saw a graph that SHOWS how much money we have printed or added in the last year….I can’t believe our gov’t would do this. I’m storing water and food now. Not real organized but i am concerned. Need to look more into the potential scenarios. Rudolph, do you have any potential scenarios you know of that we should be preparing for?

  2. You can drive yourself crazy with this issue. Do I stay or do I go? As a youngster I used to think that I would head for the mountains. Yes live off the land, ya right. I have since learned to think before I jump. Yes going to the mountains would be one idea, that is if you prepared ahead of time for shelter,food etc. Remember winters in the mountains are unforgiving to those who are unprepared. Recently I ask my friend what he would do if SHTF. He said they would pack up everthing and drive across state to his wife’s fathers home. I ask him where he planned to get gas along the way because the gas stations will probably be closed and even if they were open the lines would be miles long with no guarantee of even getting any gas. I then ask him what he would do if halfway there he was without gas what would he do? He did not know because he would be to far from home and to far from his destination to walk with his family and his belonging. Other words he and his entire family would be in deep dodo. I think he will rethink his whole idea of traveling across state. Well for me I am going to stay put and defend my family and home. My home is my security blanket. As for the roaming zombie hoards who no doubt will try to take what we have, I will deal with them as they come. Yes they may kill me, but by God if they do succeed I will be knee deep in spent AR15 and AK47 brass.